25m Series Tiger Globalwiggersventurebeat


Tiger Global has renamed its 25M series to Adventurebeat, named after an adventuring band popular among the youth demographic. The name of the guitar is also appropriate for a guitar with a tiger head on it. The series is suitable for both traditional and alternative musicians, and it is available in a variety of colors.

Expanding its battery swapping network

Battery Smart is expanding its battery swapping network for electric vehicles by raising $25 million in a series A round led by Tiger Global. The investment will help the startup expand to new territories, strengthen its battery-assignment technology, and hire new employees. The company is based in New Delhi, India.

The startup is collaborating with Tiger Global and Blume Ventures to expand its battery swapping network in India. The new funding will be used to improve battery assignment technology, add new team members, and expand operations in India. As of now, the company operates in 10 cities throughout the country. The startup has completed 2.5 million battery swaps.

Nio is also expanding its network of battery swapping stations. This latest announcement comes just as the NITI Aayog published its draft policy for battery swapping. The draft policy is expected to increase focus on the industry. It also encourages automakers to build more charging stations to improve customer convenience.

The government is showing a great interest in battery swapping in India, with a draft policy released this month. This policy aims to make EV batteries interoperable, which will lower the cost of electric vehicle adoption. The government estimates that the battery alone can account for up to 60% of a vehicle’s cost. A battery swapping network would eliminate range anxiety and provide an affordable alternative to buying a new vehicle.

Battery swapping network’s impact on the adoption of EVs

A battery swapping network could reduce the upfront costs of EV batteries and ease the range anxiety of drivers. The concept works by swapping discharged batteries for fully charged ones at swap stations. This will solve the charging station problem and reduce the risk of a driver running out of charge. EV consumers may also consider battery leasing to reduce the cost of batteries and improve their EV’s battery life.

The government is encouraging collaboration between battery OEMs and providers, financing companies and insurance companies to create battery swapping networks. Battery swapping networks are prioritized for larger cities, with populations of over four million. However, the policy does not only target large cities. Even smaller cities, with a population of 500,000 or less, could benefit from battery swapping.

In a battery swapping network, a utility company manages the local microgrid, which manages service stations and a network of EVs. The utility company sends an estimate to a station operator, which in turn transmits this information to all EVs. EVs, respond by sending their current location and driving range to the stations. This method is computationally expensive but allows different entities to compute their own decisions.

A battery swapping network is an innovative way to extend the range of EVs. With the right set of infrastructure, it is possible to increase the travel range and reduce the cost of EVs. However, there are some challenges.

25m Series Tiger Globalwiggersventurebeat Overview

Tiger Global has renamed its 25M series to Adventurebeat, which is a nod to the popular adventure band. These bands appeal to the youth market, as they are unique and exciting. This new line of instruments features a painted tiger head and is a great fit for traditional musicians as well as young kids.


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