4 Winter time Remodeling Ideas

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During the winter season, you might face issues such as heavy snowfall, roof damage, clogged plumbing systems, and poor insulation in your home. So, you can take care of a few things to ensure that your home remains cozy during the harsh cold weather.

If you are searching for experienced general contractors in San Diego CA, then you can contact Done Right Remodeling & Design. Now, let us understand about a few winter remodeling ideas that you can consider for your home.

Inspect your roof to fix the structural issues

The common purpose of the roof is to prevent water from entering your home. It also helps protect your home from damage caused by extreme weather conditions like snowfall; especially in winter. But, your roof gets damaged over time due to frost accumulation and the water that stands on it because of the clogged gutters. 

If you have poor water drainage on your roof due to the clogged gutters, then it will surely damage the roof shingles. Shingles may also get damaged due to storms and the branches of your trees if there are any trees around your property. Our roof inspector will detect the problem and find out the reason for such damage. He will also instruct you to sort out those problems and get your shingles replaced to prevent any further issues.

Upgrade the damaged insulation

You need to replace the old and damaged insulation in the winter season to keep your indoor atmosphere cozy and comfortable. Attic insulation can provide you comfort as it protects your home from heat fluctuation. If you insulate your entire attic properly then it will prevent the excess heat to enter your home by decreasing the chances of fluctuation in indoor temperature.

If the indoor temperature remains constant then it will give a cozy atmosphere to your home no matter what the weather is. If the attics are not insulated then it will keep the temperature effect at an extreme level in different seasons. It can overheat your home or make it chilling cool in the winter season, which will further lead to uncomfortable indoor atmosphere. So, you should insulate your attics with the help of a professional to avoid such consequences.

Improve the plumbing system

Before the winter season arrives, you need to upgrade the plumbing system in your home. So, check if your bathroom or kitchen has some plumbing issues. You should repair the damage or water clogging if it is needed. You can change the bathroom items like the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, or the showerheads so that they become functional in the winter season.

Moreover, you can maximize the storage by adding cabinets in your bathroom. Adding accessories like decorative lights, mirrors, and green plants would be a great idea that you can incorporate into your house. Similarly, you can upgrade the plumbing system in your kitchen area as it will create issues if left unattended in the winter season.

Build a sunroom in the porch area

If there is a space available adjacent to your front porch area then you can utilize that space to build an additional seating area or a sunroom. Break one side of the wall to extend the porch area to build an additional seating area using wooden or glass walls. This will add a premium look to your home. You can add windows to facilitate ventilation into that area and make the space cozy.


You need to maintain the hygiene of your home by upgrading a few things regularly. You can focus on the water fixtures of your kitchen and bathroom so that you do not notice any water leakage. You can upgrade heating devices to maintain the right temperature in your home. You can install solar panels to meet the energy need of your home. This will ensure you save a lot of money that you might have spent on your electricity bills.


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