5 Injuries Incurred by Pedestrian Accidents Victims


There’s so much happening on the roads in the current world, primarily due to the increase in motorists, pedestrians, and other users. Pedestrian accidents happen when a truck, motorcycle, or car collides with an individual on foot. These incidences can cause severe injuries, while others can be fatal. However, many road users don’t understand some of the major injuries that result from these accidents. This article has reliable and resourceful information to open your eyes better to this subject.

1.     Bone Breakages and Fractures

Fractured and broken bones are, by far, the most common injuries from pedestrian accidents, which is why they’re the first on this list. These injuries are prevalent because they can result from even the slightest collision or fall. Fortunately, many victims have found incredible assistance at Lulich.com and received the right compensation from negligent motorists.

Most bone breakages and fractures occur on the arms, legs, shoulders, back, and hands. The injuries you incur depend on the part that collides with a vehicle or the one that lands on the ground after a fall. Some bone injuries are mild, but others, such as compound fractures, can be severe and painful. Your limb may need to be amputated where the injury severity is high.

2.     Damage to Soft Tissue

The seriousness of soft tissue damage may not be as severe as bone breakages and fractures, but it’s worth mentioning. Most soft tissue injuries include skin tears, strains, contusions, and dislocations. Although they’re less painful and severe, damage to soft tissue can leave you with unforgettable scars. In other instances, these damages can cause long-term issues, such as mobility challenges. The best news is that these injuries take much less time to heal than severe bone fractures and breakages.

3.     Sciatica

The sciatic nerve is essential, especially regarding your standing and sitting posture. This nerve starts from the lower back, branches through your hips and buttocks, and runs down each leg. Sciatic injuries can range from mild to severe, depending on the impact of your pedestrian accident.

Mild sciatica, such as back spasms, takes less to heal; all you may require is rest and inflammatory prescriptions. Nevertheless, serious damage, for instance, broken or bulging sciatic discs, is painful and requires immediate medical attention. Visiting a chiropractor can also be a viable solution, but surgery is your best shot in the worst scenario.

4.     Head and Brain Contusions

Pedestrian accidents can also result in brain and head injuries, which are usually traumatic. That’s why these occurrences are referred to as TBI, an acronym for Traumatic Brain Injury. Unfortunately, a blow to your head in a pedestrian accident can be life-threatening, especially for victims who face an impactful one.

There are several symptoms and signs of traumatic brain injury. However, the most common ones include depression, unconsciousness, insomnia, nausea, recurrent headaches, concentration issues, anxiety, and a clear liquid from one or both ears.

5.     Spinal Cord Damage

Most people understand that the spinal cord contributes to their general well-being. It’s one of the most critical body parts that play a material role in how you are as an individual. Spinal cord injuries are a common result of pedestrian accidents, primarily if you fall hard on your back. These injuries are among the most severe, considering they’re life-threatening. Damage to the spinal cord from pedestrian accidents has paralyzed many victims and killed others.


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