Applebee’s Restaurant Review – History, Founders, and Menu


Before choosing an Applebees restaurant, you should learn about its history, Founders, and Menu. Whether you’re looking for healthy options or a fun, funky atmosphere, you’ll find everything you need in this article. Then, you can decide whether Applebees is right for your next dining out experience. In this article, we’ll cover the most important facts about this restaurant. Then, you’ll learn about what makes this chain so great.


Applebees is not 100% allergen-free. Some of its menu items contain allergens, and some may even be served with alcohol. The same holds true for some items, including the Brew Pub Pretzels. While you can order the pretzels without beer cheese dip and honey mustard, you must be aware that the chips may have been cooked in animal products. For more information on what’s available at Applebees, visit their website.

Guests with dietary restrictions may find eating out stressful. The menu at Applebees is wide and diverse, and the company strives to meet the dietary needs of customers of all diets. You can even customize your order to suit your dietary needs. Choose from smaller portions, skip extras, and make substitutions. Applebees is accommodating to those who follow diets, including gluten-free and low-carb options.

You can choose from an array of salads and pasta dishes, and you can order a burger or a fried chicken breast as a side dish. A few other items are priced higher than the average. A typical dinner at Applebees will run you anywhere from $11 to $14. Despite the high prices, you can expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for any meal. If you’re looking for the perfect place to have dinner with your friends, look no further than the menu at Applebees.

While most Applebees locations serve food all day, breakfast is also a great option for those with a diet. A number of healthy breakfast options are offered, as well as regular meals and late-night meals. If you’re trying to make an informed decision on the best restaurant for you, the breakfast menu is definitely worth checking out. It offers a good deal on health-conscious menu items and is reasonably priced.

As with any restaurant, the Applebees menu offers enough variety to satisfy anyone. However, don’t expect the secret menu to be widely-known, as it’s not a secret menu at all. There are a few mysteries surrounding the menu at Applebees, and they revolve around calories. You might even be surprised to find out how many calories are in your entrees. So, what should you order?


Applebees has expanded its delivery options through a partnership with DoorDash, which provides the service for many restaurants. You can order food online or via the app and pick it up at a convenient time. The delivery fee varies depending on the total amount of your order, and some Applebee’s locations require a minimum order. Delivery is available for most menu items, including alcoholic beverages if your state allows it.

When ordering through the website, you will have the option of choosing from various restaurants within Applebee’s. Moreover, if you wish to have your meal delivered, you can choose different restaurants from the menu. The website also provides the option to customize your order and choose the time when you want it to be delivered. Once you’ve selected a time and place, you can then order your food. Then, you can enjoy your meal at a later time.

In addition to delivery, Applebee’s is also testing two virtual brands to offer an expanded menu. The first is Cosmic Wings, a virtual brand that is already available at 1,000 Applebee’s locations. The second virtual brand is currently being tested in 100 restaurants. IHOP has also partnered with Nextbite to launch two delivery-only brands: Applebee’s and Cosmic Wings.

When ordering from Applebees, always remember to have a valid ID on hand. Applebee’s delivery drivers are employees of a service industry, and are paid on tips. While it’s not mandatory, it’s still nice to tip them, as their services are often excellent. Generally, it is common to tip drivers at 15% to 20% of their total order. Generally, tipping drivers should be the same amount as you would tip your waitress.


Applebee’s is a restaurant chain that prides itself on serving healthy, delicious meals. Recently, the chain launched the “Pub Diet” menu with pub-style dishes under 600 calories and high-fiber, whole-grain ingredients. The menu also includes items such as fire-roasted grape tomatoes, portobellos, and quinoa cranberry rice blend. Health-conscious diners will find that the menu items satisfy the nutritional requirements of national organizations while serving a balanced meal.

One big drawback to eating at this chain is the calorie and fat content. Some dishes are loaded with trans fat. Applebees serves a burger with 4 grams of trans fat. Other unhealthy choices include baked haddock, sweet potato fries, chili, and Fiesta Lime Chicken. While you can’t eat all of these items at one time, a single serving of each dish contains more than 700 calories and 72 grams of sugar.

The Classic Bacon Cheeseburger at Applebee’s contains 45 grams of fat and has 66 grams of total fat. You can also choose to omit the bun if you’re watching your calories, but this burger doesn’t contain any veggies. This burger also comes with fries and is loaded with fat. If you’re looking for a healthier meal at Applebee’s, be sure to read the menu before ordering your next visit.


The Founders at Applebees is a restaurant chain founded in 1980 by Bill and T.J. Palmer. The first location opened in Decatur, Georgia on November 9, 1980. It was an immediate hit and by December the couple had opened their second location on Buford Highway, just outside of Atlanta. The owners later sold the company to chemical conglomerate W.R. Grace and Company, though Bill Palmer remained president. During the following decade, Applebees would become an internationally recognized franchise system.

The Founder/CTO of Applebee’s earns $138,066 annually, which is less than the US average. The Engineering Department at Applebee’s makes $6,003 more than the Business Development Department and $4,766 less than Lead Engineers and QA Managers. A female Founder/CTO made $185,000 a year, while a male Founder/CTO made $118,376.

Bill Palmer was the original co-founder of Applebee’s. In 1983, he sold his company to W.R. Grace and Company. He also became an Applebee’s franchisee in the Atlanta area in 1985. He was 70 years old at the time of his death. Bill Palmer’s death has prompted fans and analysts to remember him fondly. He was an inspiration to many who work for the brand.

The Founders at Applebees name is a tricky story to trace. Although the company does not mention it, the name actually consists of two names. One is a short version of the original founder’s name, while the other is a more imaginative name. Regardless, the Founders at Applebees is a family affair, and it reflects the values of the founding team.

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