Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Revealed


The final season of the hit anime, Attack on Titan, has finally received a return date. Part 3 of the series is set to air in Japan on March 4.

The first episode promises action, horror, and a grand finale for the bestselling manga. MAPPA’s spectacular animation and brilliant soundtrack will keep you on the edge of your seat as it continues to build up to the final climax.

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is a young boy who vows revenge on the giant humanoid Titans that have sent humanity to the brink of extinction. His mother was killed by a Titan and Eren decides to take up arms against these creatures.

Critical reception to the character was polarized, with some fans finding him too antagonistic and harsh for his age. However, as the manga and anime progressed, Eren’s characterization became more positive and his ideals more relatable, especially after he was given the power to become a Titan.

At the beginning of the series, Eren was a ten-year-old child living in Shiganshina who dreamed of joining the Survey Corps and exploring the outside world. He saved Mikasa Ackerman from a group of kidnappers a year before the Titans invaded their hometown, which helped him develop his anti-heroism ideology at a young age.

Grisha Reiss

Grisha Reiss is an Eldian restorationist who tries to get close to the royal family in order to track down the Founding Titan and king. He eventually finds them in the basement cavern of their family church and asks them to help him in avenging Wall Maria.

He then transforms into a Titan and kills all of the members of the Reiss family, except Rod Reiss. Moreover, he also ate Frieda Reiss the holder of the Founding Titan.

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked and had many questions in their minds. Why would Grisha do such a horrible act?

The answer to this question is that he had no other choice but to take the last resort. As an Eldian restorationist, he had no choice but to sacrifice the lives of his family to achieve his goal.

In the manga, Grisha’s motivation was to fulfill his duty as an Eldian restorationist and save the world from the threat of Titans. However, this was not the only thing that drove him to do what he did.

Porco Galliard

Porco Galliard is one of the nine shifter Titans revealed in Attack on Titan season 4 part 3. It looks very different from Ymir’s Jaw Titan, with long blonde hair and hard armor-like skin covering its face.

Its teeth look quite similar to Ymir’s, but the Titan has more of a gnashing appearance instead of a crushing effect like Ymir’s. The Titan is also very small compared to other shifters’ Titans, which makes it look even more frightening at times.

In addition, he has a very large jaw and front teeth. This is unlike Ymir’s, which was a lot smaller and had fang-like teeth and claws.

Porco Galliard is a very powerful Titan. He can take on two other Titans, and he’s also able to change his form to a Beast Titan if he needs to. He’s a very dangerous Titan, so don’t mess with him if you can help it.

Reiner Yeager

Reiner Yeager is a complex character. He presents himself as the strong, unchanging leader humanity needs but behind closed doors, he is a man plagued by guilt and doubt.

As Eren and the alliance continue to work together, Reiner struggles with his own role in their mission. He begins to question whether or not he can truly save the world.

This episode of Attack on Titan explores the extremes that exist between the “conquer or die” philosophy of Marley and the dread of war. It also explores the unavoidable collision of two seemingly irreconcilable forces.

In the beginning, Eren’s and Reiner’s personalities are a mirror of each other. Initially, Reiner is seen as a strong and unshakable figure, but his desire to save the world has been tested by his own experience infiltrating the Walls.

With the threat of extinction looming, Eren and the alliance are left with no choice but to fight. That’s why “Declaration of War” is one of the most emotionally powerful episodes in Attack on Titan’s history.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 FAQs

Adapted from the manga by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is a post-apocalyptic series set in a world where humanity has lived behind walls for thousands of years.

The fourth season of Attack on Titan has been split into three parts – the first aired back in December 2020, followed by part two in January 2022 and now part 3 is on its way.

How many episodes are there in part 3?

Adapted from Hajime Isayama’s manga, Attack on Titan tells the story of humanity living in cities surrounded by three giant walls to protect them from huge, man-eating humanoids known as Titans. It’s been one of the most influential animes of recent years and its final chapter by Isayama is set to be the show’s most gut-wrenching.

Part of the series’ final arc has already been aired, with episode 88 titled ‘The Rumbling’ releasing on March 3, 2023. The upcoming episode will be an hour-long special and will conclude the series as a whole.

It’s also worth noting that this will be the first of two episodes that will be released later in 2023, so fans should expect it to be a bit longer than usual. However, we don’t know yet whether it’s going to be another one-hour special or just a standalone episode.

What is the story of part 3?

Part 3 of the final season will take place after Eren’s titan powers have been revealed and he’s decided to go on a killing rampage against anyone who gets in his way. The last arc is being written by screenwriter Hiroshi Seko and will air on March 4 in Japan before making its way to Crunchyroll later on.

In the final episode, Eren attacks Reiner and Porco, utilizing his titan powers to crush Lara’s crystal; he then swallows her remains. Meanwhile, Marleyan soldiers descend from their airships and surround the Survey Corps.

The commotion leads to Magath using her Anti-Titan cannon on Pieck’s Cart Titan form. She then distracts the Titan by firing a shot at its nape and wounding it.

The attack reveals that the Eldians were allied with Marley three years ago, supporting Zeke Jaeger’s plan to carry out the Rumbling if Marley’s peace is shattered. Eren also learns that Fritz longed for peace, and the Tybur family helped him fabricate the myth to keep Marley’s leaders bound to his ideology.

Will there be an anime original ending?

One of the most popular shounen series of all time, attack on Titan has become known for its expansive lore and intricately designed arcs. Hajime Isayama’s unique storytelling style and non-linear plotting make for an immersive experience that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The story is set in a dystopian world where humanity has been confined within walls to protect them from humanoid giants called Titans. The world of Attack on Titan is rich and detailed, with its history, culture, and political systems forming an intricate and complex world that rivals the universes of JRR Tolkien and Frank Herbert.

As MAPPA Studios released part 2 of Attack on Titan, many fans were excited to find out whether or not there would be an anime original ending. However, a recent leak has extinguished some of their hopes.

Will there be a movie?

If you’re a fan of anime, you might have been wondering whether or not there will be a movie about the final season of Attack on Titan. The answer is yes, there will be a movie that will conclude the series.

The final season has taken many twists and turns, and this one is a cliffhanger! Fans are excited for this final stretch of the anime, but a lot is still unknown.

Ultimately, the biggest question is whether or not Eren Jaeger will need to be eliminated. He seems to genuinely want to erase the cycle of violence that has been happening in his world for generations, but he might need to kill some innocent people to ensure that.

Eren’s desire to destroy the world is definitely a drastic turn, but it could be an effective way to end this story. He’s also clearly a good person at heart, and it would be devastating to see him die.

Final Thoughts

MAPPA Studios has delivered another thrilling installment of Attack on Titan. The first special episode of the season has surpassed fans’ expectations, and the internet is abuzz with praise for this tense build-up to the show’s endgame.

The animation quality of Attack on Titan is as high as ever, with the latest episode of part 3 exceeding expectations in both quality and tone. It was also a bit of a relief to see the series eschew the typical shonen storytelling tropes that have plagued its predecessors in favor of a more action-heavy approach.

As usual, the story was incredibly well written and the characters were all very well developed. Eren was a very different character from his previous self, and he had retained a lot more of his humanity than was initially apparent. This made him an excellent villain.

Mikasa, on the other hand, had a very difficult time making the decision to let Eren go, but she eventually came around and accepted his sacrifice for the sake of the people of Marley. Her feelings for Eren became a little strained by the end of the episode, and she started questioning whether she would still like him if he wasn’t such a badass killer.

Zeke, too, had a tough time with the choice to let Eren go. He wanted to keep his relationship with Eren close, but he also knew that Eren was in the wrong for trying to take down the Founder and kill Marley.

Even with all of this, Zeke is unable to convince Mikasa that she is right and that Eren will do whatever it takes to protect Marley. This leads to some awkward moments between the two of them, as they both struggle to understand how they can possibly love each other so much.

While this episode wasn’t the most emotionally-affecting one of the series, it was an exciting and tense conclusion to the show’s story. It was the perfect way to end what has been a truly epic anime series.

In the meantime, Eren and his colossal Titans set foot on the mainland, making their way toward the city of Marley. After all, they have been here before and know how to get around the island.

Despite their misgivings, Eren and his titans make it to the city just in time. Then, the rest of the Survey Corps team arrives. With Armin and Jean in tow, they are able to defend the city from the incoming attack.

They fight off the hordes of Titans that come to the city and eventually manage to destroy them all. However, a few Titans escape and begin to retaliate for the deaths they have experienced at the hands of the Indians.

As the Indians continue to fight, it becomes clear that they are going to be the biggest threat to their survival. Eren has a massive army of Titans that he is ready to unleash on the world, and they are set on killing every living thing in their path.

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