Global Holidays in December


Did you know that there are several global holidays in December? From Christmas to Kwanzaa to Las Posadas and St. Stephen’s Day, here are some facts about these special celebrations. To celebrate a holiday successfully, you must know how to prepare for it, as well as what to wear and where to find the best food. Listed below are some of the global holidays in December. Read on to learn more about these holidays and their traditions.


December is the month for giving and receiving gifts, as well as spending quality time with friends and family. This is the busiest shopping month of the year, and December starts the global holiday season. With an average of 15 holidays across the world, December is a great time to give, receive, and celebrate. Here are some holiday traditions from around the world. These traditions may differ depending on your country, but are always fun to celebrate. These traditions will help you celebrate the holidays in your country and show your love for family and friends.

Boxing Day is a public holiday on the 26th. It originated in the United Kingdom, but is now celebrated in many countries around the world. Many countries have traditions for celebrating this holiday, such as giving gifts and food to servants and the poor. Many people also celebrate Boxing Day as a day to thank workers and service providers. Today, people will exchange gifts with Santa Claus and other holiday symbols. There are also several events happening on Boxing Day, including football matches and races.

Japanese New Year celebrations feature many traditions, such as temple services, eating special foods, and watching the “Red and White Song Contest” on television. In Sweden, a holiday called St. Lucia celebrates the goddess of light, which is why young girls wear white robes and candles on this day. In Scotland, Hogmanay is celebrated over a nine-day period to honor Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem.


The origin of Kwanzaa goes back to the 1960s, when it was created by a Black nationalist and college professor named Maulana Karenga. His vision was to celebrate African harvest festivals and empower African Americans. The name Kwanzaa comes from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza, which means first fruit. The holiday is now celebrated by millions of people worldwide.

The holiday has seven principles, each dedicated to a different theme, and includes symbols such as the mkeka, candle holders, corn, and unity cups. These symbols are traditionally placed on the table for people to observe the day. The seven candles in a unity cup symbolize the seven principles and the struggles of African people. The candles also represent seven generations of African descendants. The candles are lit and symbolize a family’s commitment to each other and to their children.

The holiday is not religious, but is rich in symbolism. Rituals include drinking from the unity cup and libations to honor the ancestors. People exchange gifts to celebrate the day and encourage growth. Though the holiday is secular, it is also very meaningful and can inspire people of all faiths and backgrounds to celebrate and honor it. Kwanzaa is an excellent opportunity for multiculturalism and cultural exchange.

Las Posadas

One of the December global holidays is Las Posadas, a celebration of hospitality. The name comes from the Spanish word posada, which is used to describe the inn that Mary and Joseph stayed in during their long journey. It is a nine-day festival that is traditionally observed during the Christmas season. The nine days symbolically represent Mary’s nine months of pregnancy. The festival is also a way for people to remember the sacrifice and love that was made by her and Joseph for their heavenly father.

Traditional posada food is served during the festivities. Tamales, a type of corn dough, are made with softened lard. The dough is beaten until it reaches a ‘water’ stage. It is then filled with chicken or pork and flavored with a variety of sauces and dried fruits. Tamale-making children are encouraged to carry the tamales from one home to the next, where they are consumed by their hosts.

Although the festival has its roots in colonial Mexico, it is now celebrated around the world. It originated in 1586 when Friar Diego de Soria received a papal bull from Pope Sixtus V, which allowed the celebration of the ‘Misas de Aguinaldo’ or ‘Christmas bonus masses’. This tradition has lasted for many centuries and is a popular holiday for Hispanics.

St. Stephen’s Day

Among the many December global holidays, St. Stephen’s Day is an important one. This day celebrates the memory of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr. In the United Kingdom, small gifts are given to household servants on this holiday. People also visit their friends and attend parties. In addition to gifts and dinners, some countries also celebrate St. Stephen’s Day by sending cards and visiting friends.

This day is widely celebrated throughout Europe and the Old World. In medieval times, it was celebrated as a pre-winter feast and also became a popular date for matchmaking and weddings. In 1947, it was declared a national holiday in Italy, streamlining the Christmas week vacation for millions of Italians. As more countries became Christian, St. Stephen’s Day became more popular than ever. In fact, today, over twenty countries recognize St. Stephen’s Day as a national holiday.

Saint Stephen’s Day is celebrated on the 26th of December in many countries. The day is also known as “Day of the Wren” in Ireland, which comes from the old tradition of wearing wren’s feathers to bring good luck. In Western churches, St. Stephen’s Day is an important day to mark the end of the Christmas season, and many people celebrate by eating traditional holiday dishes.

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday, celebrated on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month in the Chinese calendar (December 8 in Japan). The holiday honors the enlightenment of the historical buddha Siddhartha Gautama, who renounced his life of luxury and asceticism in order to meditate under a peepal tree. During his meditation, Siddhartha discovered that all of his previous lives were destined to repeat the cycle of rebirth.

Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday, celebrated worldwide by many Buddhists. Many people celebrate by visiting a Buddhist temple and meditating. Some people also bake cookies with the images of the Bodhi tree, which symbolizes the Buddha’s enlightenment at Bodhgaya in India. The goal of this holiday is to reflect on the power of enlightenment and to practice kindness.

If you’re planning a trip to Bodhgaya, you can fly to the town of Gaya, which is located about 10 km from the village. Gaya has regular trains from all major cities, and is accessible by road. The city of Bodhgaya is located in Bihar, about a thousand kilometers from both Delhi and Bengaluru. From there, you can take a taxi or ride public transport to Bodhgaya.

New Year’s Eve

Millions of people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve every year. The tradition is different in each nation. Some countries celebrate by performing outdoor music, exchanging greetings, and eating traditional foods. Other religious groups also celebrate New Year’s Eve, praying for a prosperous new year. In some areas of the world, goal-setting is also common on this night. Regardless of the origin of the holiday, it’s a fun and celebratory time for many people.

In the United Kingdom, some cities hold large New Year’s celebrations. Major events take place in Auckland, London, Leeds, Liverpool, and Newcastle. In Scotland, various customs celebrate New Year’s Eve, including First-Footing, where friends or family members go to each other’s houses to welcome the New Year. Traditionally, these gifts are coal or whisky. But some cities hold more modest parties to mark the occasion.

In the Philippines, New Year’s Eve is a special, non-working holiday, and Filipinos often celebrate it with family and friends. In French-speaking areas, Reveillons are held where stand-up comedians review the past year. Afterwards, families gather to enjoy a midnight feast, called Media Noche. In most households, pancit, a dish traditionally eaten during the night, is paired with roasted pig and various desserts. However, chicken is not served at midnight, as it is believed to bring bad luck.

World AIDS Day

The day celebrates the fight against AIDS and HIV/AIDS. It is a day when people and governments rally together to raise awareness of the disease, end discrimination and help those living with the virus. Every year, World AIDS Day features conferences on health, equality, and prevention. The day also encourages people to donate to various organizations. These events are held around the world and include many important messages about AIDS and HIV.

The idea for World AIDS Day was first mooted by two public health officials during the summer of 1987. These officials worked with the World Health Organization and decided to create a day to draw attention to the pandemic and dispel myths about the disease. The day was first celebrated on December 1, 1988. The World Health Organization continued to organize the event until 1996. In addition to commemorating the day, people can also learn more about the virus by attending a health fair, reading a book about AIDS or attending a candlelight vigil.

The day has become an international holiday, marking the fight against AIDS. Observed annually on December 1, World AIDS Day brings the world together in awareness of the disease. People wear red ribbons and donate to AIDS organizations. Some cities even hold special events to remember those who have died from the disease. These events are important ways for brands to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. They can also help raise funds for AIDS charities and spread the word about the disease.

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