Effective Guideline to Gain YouTube Views in 2023


Every content creator should equip themselves with the knowledge to increase the number of views on their YouTube videos. Because let’s face it: No one wants to spend hours creating a video to earn zero views after pushing the publish button. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Why don’t my films on YouTube gain any views?” here’s your answer: This instruction manual is for you. Here are several techniques to increasing your YouTube views, ranging from improving thumbnails to writing clickable titles.

Stick to One Specific YouTube Market

It is tempting to publish anything you want on YouTube, whether it be a do-it-yourself project, a hair instructional, or your most recent cryptocurrency purchase. After all, it is your channel, so switching things up every once in a while isn’t going to hurt anything. The audience will come to understand and appreciate your passion for baseball, boba tea, and trail running, right?

Unfortunately, it is different from how viewers think; they want to see videos catered to their interests and preferences repeatedly. To make this a reality, you’ll need to zero in on a subfield that interests you tremendously and initiate video production work within that arena.

In the long term, creating material with a specific purpose will result in more views on YouTube.

This is why:

  1. Your channel will be categorized, and YouTube will promote your videos to users with interests similar to yours. It is an absolutely free promotion and is likely the finest you will ever get.
  2. You will attract subscribers with similar interests and keep coming back to your channel to watch more of your videos.
  3. Before you start filming, you should do some research on keywords.

You can only create successful videos if you are aware of the topics people are looking for on YouTube. The most effective strategy for overcoming this obstacle is to conduct thorough keyword research.

By completing this exercise, you will be able to put yourself in the viewers’ shoes and understand what they plan to watch and which target keywords to utilize. After that, the search engine on YouTube will recognize such terms and share your video with others looking for information on those subjects. Check out the vidIQ keyword research tool if you require assistance increasing the search traffic directed to your channel. Enter any term or phrase into the tool’s search bar to find out how well any certain keyword does on YouTube.

Entice Viewers by Providing a Strong Introduction

The introduction to your video is really important. Within the first thirty seconds of a video, viewers decide whether or not they will either A) continue watching or B) exit the video.

If you convince them to stay, you’ll rack up more watch time, which is always a welcome benefit. But if you can please folks, they will come back and offer you additional views, which is an even bigger reward.

Do you want to write more effective beginnings? The following is what you need to do:

  • Make it brief so readers can get to the content they came for as soon as possible.
  • Try to avoid beginning the video with a boring introduction that states your name and the subject of the video. It would be best if you went right into the meat of the discussion and then introduced yourself later.
  • Make every effort to capture the attention of the audience. This is less of an introduction and more of an opportunity to keep people watching. To attract the viewer, you can either give them a taste of the more interesting parts of your video or do something funny.
  • Check to see that the introduction corresponds with the title. In addition, it should correspond with the video’s thumbnail so that visitors are not disappointed.
  • Experiment. What is successful for one author might not be applicable to another. Conduct some experiments, and if the established road to success does not include an introduction, follow that path.

Perform a Metrics Analysis on Your YouTube Channel

Going viral is only one of the quickest ways to obtain consistent views on YouTube, despite what many people believe to be the case. For the vast majority of people, that is an extremely unusual occurrence. Examining your channel’s analytics, determining how well your videos are performing, and focusing more on those strategies that are successful most of the time is a more effective method. You won’t need anything else once you’re inside the YouTube Studio. It would be in your best interest to set yourself the challenge of monitoring a variety of metrics on YouTube, such as:

  • A video’s click-through rate refers to the percentage of people who watch it after viewing its thumbnail. CTR is calculated by multiplying the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions.
  • New vs. return viewers: The number of new viewers to your channel, as well as those who have come back to watch more videos.
  • A video’s audience retention rate is expressed as a percentage and shows the average time viewers spend watching the video. For instance, if you release a video that is 10 minutes long and people prefer to watch it for eight minutes, the audience retention rate for that video is 80%.
  • The percentage of viewers still watching your video after the first 30 seconds is referred to as the audience retention rate after the first 30 seconds.
  • The total amount of time that viewers spend watching your video is referred to as the Watch Time.


Make Your Versions of These 4 Videos to Increase Your Views on YouTube. Are you just starting as a maker on YouTube? Do you require additional views right this same minute? Perfect. Here are some of the most popular categories of videos that can be found on YouTube. They will remain popular now, tomorrow, and forever, so you should take advantage of them whenever possible. The versus video is a video that compares two different topics, such as video games, cities, or cosmetics. The listicle video is a video that lists the characteristics of any topic, such as “The Top 10 Vacation Sites in Australia.” The how-to video is a film that explains how to accomplish just about everything, getting a job, riding a bike, and many other things. The film of people reacting to exciting events is known as the reaction video. That could be a dance posted on TikTok, a humorous meme, or a sporting event.

Viewers highly appreciate the incorporation of these four formats into content providers’ works. You should be fine garnering at least one thousand views on YouTube if you implement the abovementioned methods.


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