Experience Elephants Bathing in Khao Lak


Elephants are amazing and majestic creatures that most of us living in urban areas hardly get to see unless we visit a nearby zoo. In Khao Lak, Thailand, you can have an amazing experience of bathing with elephants in the rivers and streams. 

Elephant Sanctuaries

Khao Lak is a place in Thailand where many elephant sanctuaries congregate. Visitors can get an up-close experience of being close to these gentle giants and observing them in their natural habitat. Many of these elephants have been saved by the sanctuaries from working in some of Thailand’s lumber industry and enable them to live out the rest of their lives in comfort and safety away from the harsh working conditions they had in the past. 

It’s also a great way to educate the public about these wonderful animals in a safe and secure environment. Bathing with elephants in the streams and rivers is an extremely popular activity for visitors to these sanctuaries as the elephants more than welcome the opportunity to get visitors drenched. Watch as these elephants use their deftly to splash water over themselves and on you as well. 

A Love of Water

Most elephants and especially those in Asia have a strong connection to water. Due to the heat of the tropical climate, elephants enjoy escaping into a body of water to cool themselves down and also to socialize with their troop. Bathing also helps to remove parasites from their bodies and prevent infections. The act of playing in the water and with others also helps to improve their physical and mental well-being. During your elephant bathing experience, you will be able to bond with your elephant as you gently scrub them. 

Some visitors have remarked on the calming effect of bathing with these magnificent creatures. People love being in the gentle peaceful energy of these giants and some have even remarked that it was a ‘healing experience’. 

Khao Lak Merlin Beach Resort

After your enjoyable day with the elephants, you can come back to your home away from home at Khao Lak Merlin resort with our luxurious accommodations will ensure you will have a wonderful time with us. 

Enjoy a walk along the white sandy beaches that overlook the Andaman Sea.

Our resort comes with a whole host of facilities to keep you entertained during your stay. There’s a large swimming pool overlooking the sea with many places to lounge in the sun. There’s also a range of spa treatments available for you to enjoy.

Come join us now and have an amazing experience with the elephants and an unforgettable stay with us!


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