Which Golf Course Reel Mowers Are Right For Your Course?

golf course reel mowers

If you’re looking for the best golf course reel mowers, there are several models to choose from. These are the Infinicut, Lastec, Greensmaster, and eTriFlex 3370. Each one is designed to work efficiently and produce a consistent playing surface. However, which model is right for your golf course?


The INFINICUT golf course reel mower is an innovative turf maintenance machine that has a variety of features. With a stamped deck that optimizes air flow and a high-carbon steel blade, it’s easy to adjust the cutting geometry to match the conditions on your course. Its powerful 48V LiFePO 4 battery and quick-change cassettes make it easy to maintain a smooth turf surface. The mower can easily be customized with additional accessories and attachments, such as a thatchmaster, powered rotary brush, Sarel roller, or Razer cutter.

The INFINICUT mower is designed to be versatile, with an unlimited number of clip rates and speed settings. It also features a rear traction roller that ensures a precise cut every time. Its all-electric power reduces noise and fuel costs. Its SMART cassettes are fully interchangeable, allowing you to choose the correct blade for your turf’s unique needs. Its forward speed adjustment and infinitely variable clip rate make it easy to manage uneven terrain and optimize turf conditions.

The INFINICUT golf course reel mower features advanced features that make it a great choice for professional use. Its blades are adjustable to reduce face wear and minimize plant stress, providing a healthier playing surface. The INFINICUT is available in 7, 11 or 14 blade set-ups. The INFINICUT also comes with a contra-rotating groomer attachment for added versatility.

The INFINICUT golf course reel mower features a Bluetooth app that can be used to adjust various settings. This app can be used to save previously used settings, making it easy to share among operators. Its fluidless design also reduces noise and fuel costs.


Lastec was founded in 1990, with the goal of providing the industry with a high-end rotary mowing system. With their first design, the Model 721 Articulator, Lastec pioneered articulation in the turf industry. While the machine was crude by today’s standards, it revolutionized the industry. Since then, Lastec has dominated the market for high-end rotaries. Today, more than half of TPC golf courses worldwide rely on Lastec mowers to maintain their greens. Lastec mowers are also found on more than a third of the top 100 golf courses in the world.

The articulating rotary mower, which has seven 21-inch rotary mowing decks, was originally developed for a rolling golf course in Indiana. In its early days, there were no multi-deck mowers available in the industry. Tractor-towed tri-deck machines couldn’t follow contours and were not as versatile as Lastec’s articulating rotary.

Currently, there are two models of Lastec golf course reel mowers. The XR500 is powered by a 40 horsepower tractor, while the XR700 has five separate sections. Both models have a cutting width of up to 8ft (2.43 metres). The XR700 is the most advanced model in the line and has been used by golf course managers for over 30 years.

Lastec’s fabrication facility is equipped to handle the production of its turf equipment. In addition to fabricating components by hand, the company has the capability of using metal-bending, laser cutting, and CNC milling machines. This makes it a great option for smaller shops that don’t have access to automation.

Lastec golf course reel mowers are designed to provide a premium cut quality. They come with three, five, or seven 21″ or 25″ decks. The mowers also have 24deg of total up/down motion.


The Greensmaster golf course reel mower from Toro is capable of mowing greens at heights ranging from one eighth of an inch to one and a half inches. With the ability to cut the greens from one eighth of an inch to one and a quarter inches, this mower is a great choice for golf courses that require a close, even cut. This reel mower is also easy to maintain, with cutting edges that are sharp and durable.

This reel mower has an electronic drive system that eliminates hydraulic leaks and noise. Its quiet operation helps to save fuel and improve operational productivity. In addition, it offers up to 62-inch cutting width and is equipped with an energy-saving mode that reduces engine RPMs and maximizes fuel efficiency.

The Greens master reel mower is available with a wide variety of cutting blades to meet the demands of golf course maintenance. The best reels come with eleven and fourteen blades for precision cutting, while the Flex mowers are perfect for undulating terrain. The Flex mower cuts closely to the terrain and offers the smoothest putting surface possible.

With a continuous-speed Kawasaki engine, the Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 is a great option for golf course operators. This all-electric machine offers a 20 percent fuel savings over comparable Triflex mowers. Its lithium-ion power also makes it ultra-quiet and easy to maintain.

Greensmaster also offers an all-electric ride-on mower that is based on lithium-ion technology. The eFlex series features all-electric components and a low-noise lithium-ion battery system. This mower also offers an energy-efficient design and has greaseless bearings.

Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370

The Greensmaster eTriFlex series of golf course reel mowers features all-electric components, eliminating the need for hydraulic fluid. They feature a battery system powered by lithium-ion Samsung cells for energy efficiency and noise reduction. The eTriFlex series is available in three different models.

The eTriFlex 3370 golf-course reel mower features a constant-speed Kawasaki engine and a lithium-ion battery pack for quiet operation. The battery-powered unit provides ample power for typical greens and has a long runtime. It also features user-friendly features and an Info-Center for advanced diagnostics.

The global product marketing manager at The Toro Co. discusses recent trends in golf-course equipment, tips for operation, and new features. While expectations vary from golfers to golf courses, there is a core set of expectations that are universal. In order to meet these expectations, course managers must provide more than just the basics. To do so, they must optimize available products and resources.

The Greensmaster eTriFlex series golf-course reel mowers feature a dual-precision-adjustable cutting unit and a wide range of movement. The cutting head is capable of 133mm of fore-and-aft travel and 32mm of side-to-side travel. Its electric reel allows for easy adjustment of the clipping rate. The on-board backlapping system also makes servicing the cutting unit quick and easy.


Toro golf course reel mowers are renowned for their power, durability, and precision. They deliver a consistently mowed playing surface and have earned their place on some of the world’s most prestigious courses. The Reelmaster line of mowers is ideal for both wide and narrow fairways and features a powerful diesel engine and an in-line motor generator. This innovative technology minimizes the risk of hydraulic leaks and increases fuel efficiency. It also improves reel edge retention.

Toro is a 100-year-old company that is still at the forefront of golf course equipment. The company was the first to develop a motorised fairway mower and has since introduced a number of technologically advanced groundcare mowing equipment. It has consistently invested in research and development, and it has earned market leadership today.

To further enhance its fairway care products, Toro introduced the first Flexible Frame Fairway Mower and Flexible Fairway Roller in 1997. These innovations improved fairway care by allowing each unit to operate independently while achieving the highest possible performance without causing damage to the turf. The brand’s goal has remained the same ever since – meeting the needs of golf course superintendents. The company’s line of golf course reel mowers also includes the Reelmaster(r) 3550-D mower and the Reelmaster(r) 5010-H Hybrid mower.

As the most important feature of a golf course, the greens are the most recognizable feature of a golf course. As a result, it is imperative for course managers to deliver pristine greens and consistency in all areas of the course. Unfortunately, this is becoming more difficult due to labor shortages. To meet course manager expectations, golf course equipment must be more efficient, easy to use, and easy to service.

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