How Long Do Toupees Last?


A toupee’s lifespan varies according to its type and material. A silk base system can last six to nine months, while a skin base hairpiece may last between three and four months. Hairpieces made of natural hair textures and colors usually last longer, because they don’t require any chemical processing. However, if you’re looking for a blonde-colored system, you’ll have to bleach it yourself to get the desired result. This process can degrade the quality of the hair, so make sure you take care of your hairpiece.


The durability of a toupee is affected by the material used for the base. The base made from silk or lace is generally very durable. However, the color of the human hair may fade after some time. This can be caused by stress factors, overexposure to heat, and dirt. Therefore, it is important to take care of the toupee properly to extend its life.

The durability of a hairpiece toupee is dependent on the base material and how it is maintained. Different base materials have different durability levels and last for different periods of time. The more durable the system is, the longer its lifespan will be. However, it may not look very natural if it does not have the same durability as other products.

Another important aspect to consider is the quality of the material. Since hair systems are sensitive to heat, they should be handled with care. A top-quality hair system from a reputable brand will be extremely durable. UniWigs, for example, uses first-generation Remy Human Hair, which is fine and thin, just like natural hair. This ensures a long lifespan if it is treated well.

The adhesive used for attaching human hair toupees can also affect the longevity of the toupee. Care should be taken to remove all residue from the area where the toupee is attached. If the adhesive is not removed properly, it can cause damage to the scalp.

A toupee can be a great option for those suffering from hair loss. Choosing the right one can bring back confidence and a sense of normality. However, it’s important to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best option. When considering a hairpiece, it’s important to look for the most durable and comfortable option.

Another factor to consider when buying a hairpiece is the cost. Some systems can cost several hundred dollars or more. It’s important to find a model that is affordable and durable. In addition to the price, you should also consider the quality of the hairpiece.


Purchasing a toupee can be a costly endeavor. They require a custom fit and special care products. As a result, the cost can add up over time. However, there are benefits to owning a toupee. These pros and cons make toupees an excellent option for people who have lost their hair.

Buying a quality toupee should not cost more than $1,000. While most human hair pieces cost upwards of $1000, there are many cheaper options available. For example, some men can get a toupee for under $150. It is important to remember that the toupee will need to fit properly and be styled according to the client’s requirements.

The cost of toupees varies greatly depending on the material used. While some are made from human hair, others are made from synthetic materials. The synthetic material is often cheaper than natural hair but may be less durable. Synthetic materials are also easy to clean and colourfast. The downside of cheap toupees is that they may look fake and artificial.

The construction process of a toupee can take anywhere from thirty to 150 hours. Each hair strand is hand-tied into the base material. This method has many benefits, including a natural look, versatility when parting the hair, and the ability to move the hair in any direction. Another benefit of a hand-tied toupee is the lack of a weft, which gives it a softer and luscious look. The cost of a toupee will also include any necessary accessories, such as a stand, a comb, and a hairpiece.

The cost of a hair toupee will depend on several factors, including the base material and the size of the hair pieces. For instance, a hairpiece with a thicker density will be more expensive than one with a thin base. Additionally, the price will depend on the length of the hairpiece. Longer hair systems will cost more than shorter ones, as they will require more work to maintain.

Prices of toupees can range from $189 to hundreds of dollars. The costs can also increase depending on the customization of the hairpiece. Typically, the price of a men’s toupee will begin at $189. However, this price can go up depending on the customization and materials used.


Care for toupees is essential for the long-term beauty of your hairpiece. Regular washing and conditioning is essential. Sweat can accumulate between the scalp and the hairpiece, causing odours and itchiness. The hairpiece also needs to be cleaned regularly, often with a special shampoo. This can be time-consuming and costly. You should also avoid wearing your toupee on hot days, since it can be uncomfortable for sensitive scalps. Toupees should also be avoided by people with allergies, as some glues used for the hairpieces can cause allergic reactions.

You should wash your toupee periodically, as it collects dirt and oils. The general rule of thumb is to wash it every seven to ten days, depending on how often you sweat. Make sure to use a wig shampoo designed for toupees. The shampoo should be mild, non-drying, and free from chemicals.

You should also make sure your toupee is free of tangles. As there are no follicles in the hair system, every strand needs to be separated and kept neat. To avoid tangles, you should use a wide-tooth comb or a special detangling tool. Gently brushing and detangling your toupee can help its lifespan. You can also use conditioner to help with this process.

Properly label your toupee. A good place to place the label is on the back of the hairpiece. If you fall on the toupee, it can become damaged or broken. Similarly, it can be ruined if you hit it on hard surfaces. Always wear a face towel while you wear your hairpiece to avoid causing any rash.

Washing your toupee regularly will keep the hair in good condition. To clean your toupee, use a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for this type of hair. Do not use harsh chemicals or harsh detergents, because they could change the color and shorten its lifespan. Rinse thoroughly to prevent tangling.

To ensure the longevity of your hairpiece, keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. You should also avoid brushing it if it is wet, as this can damage the base material. In addition, hairstyling can cause damage to the hairpiece. The heat from the styling tools may loosen the grip of the strands. It is also advisable to store your toupee on a stand, as this will prevent it from losing its shape.


The life expectancy of a toupee depends on several factors, including the material used to make it. While a synthetic hairpiece typically lasts for two to three months, a human hair toupee can last for up to a year. A human hair toupee can also be worn every day without discomfort.

When it comes to toupees, quality is of paramount importance. It is best to choose a natural hairpiece over a synthetic one. Experts believe that natural hairpieces will last longer. However, it’s important to remember that the quality of a synthetic toupee is also important.

Hair systems of medium durability last between three and six months. Popular models include the M100, HD105, and M108. Many of these units use poly skin, which makes them more durable. Ultra-thin skin systems are less durable, so you’ll want to avoid those if possible.

Another factor that affects the lifespan of a toupee is its color. Natural hair can fade over time due to dirt and heat. To keep your toupee looking fresh, consider buying more than one. Rotating your hair systems regularly will prevent heavy wear, and increase their life expectancy.

If you use a toupee, be sure to brush its hair daily to prevent knots and tangles. You should also limit the use of heat styling tools and alcohol-based products. Also, try to keep the toupee in a cool, dry place when not in use.

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