How to fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues?

How to fix Windows 11 Crashing Issues

When I installed Windows 11, my system often crashed and I had to restart it during crucial tasks. If you’re experiencing similar issues, it is recommended to perform some troubleshooting before trying to install or reset your Windows. This guide will help you deal with this issue and help you figure out how to resolve Windows 11 crashing issues. The most common error occurs that how to fix error 3001 ffxiv and walker. Follow the instructions mentioned on the link.

Repair Windows 11 Crashing Issues

There are many solutions you could try to fix this issue. Check out the suggestions below and determine which one works for you.

Shut down the System

We don’t always completely close down our systems. The majority of us put our system into sleep mode, and this could occasionally cause problems. A regular shutdown of your system will help to keep it healthy.’

1. Hit activate the Windows key.

2. Select the Power icon in the lower corner, and then select Shut Down.

Check RAM

If you do not have enough RAM, you’ll face frequent crashes. Therefore, make sure you have sufficient RAM.

1. Select the Search icon, enter Resource Monitor, and press Open.

2. Select the Memory tab.

3. Find the available physical memory.

If you’re running out of memory, delete applications that aren’t needed, as well as background services.

Step 1: Use the Windows + X key, and then select Task Manager.

Step 2. Click on the task you’d like to close and choose End Task.

RAM Problems

It is possible that your RAM might be experiencing issues too. You can identify the issues and resolve them.

1. Start the Run box with the shortcut key Win + R.

2. Enter mdsched.exe and hit Enter.

3. Select the first option the system should start in a sequence. When it is restarted the diagnostic tool will start and examine whether there are any issues.

Power Adapter

If you own a laptop, you must make use of the power adapter that is included with it. If you use a different adapter, it could cause issues in the future.

High Temperature

Global warming is causing the temperature of our planet to climb, lengthy gaming sessions, lengthy work hours streaming etc. could make your computer get hot. Temperatures that are high can damage any computer, so make sure to ensure that it cools down before you use it again.

Repair Windows 11 Crashing Issue By Replacing the CMOS Battery

A Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) battery is what powers your BIOS. It is much more difficult on laptops. If your PC’s CMOS battery becomes weaker over time (it has a lifespan of between 2 and 10 years) You should replace it. There’s a chance that the old battery could be creating problems with your Windows PC.

Display Drivers

If you are still seeing the blue death screen or the pink death screen There is a chance that your drivers may be outdated.

Step 1: Press the Win + keys to access the WinX Menu. Select Device Manager.

Step 2: Click Display adapters to increase the selection.

Step 3: Right-click your adapter and choose Update Driver.

Step 4: Click Search for automatically found drivers and then install the most recent driver version.

The solution to Windows 11 Crashing Issues By Deleting corrupted files

In time, there’s an opportunity that your system may have become infected. If such a scenario has occurred it is recommended to perform a scan to remove any malware-related files or programs.

1. Select the Search icon, enter Windows Security, and press”Open.

2. Select Virus and Threat Protection.

3. Simply click on the Quick scan.

The solution to Windows 11 Crashing Issue By Update Apps

Step 1: Click the search icon, and enter Store. Click Open.

Step 2: Click on Library.

Step 3: Click on to receive updates.

Windows Update

Even after a few months since the launch, Windows 11 has a number of issues. Therefore, when an update becomes available be sure to install it.

1. Start the Settings app using the keyboard shortcuts Win and I.

2. Select Windows Update from the left pane.

3. Click on Restart now to see if the updates have been made available. If the updates aren’t available Click on Updates to check for updates and install them.

Reset PC

This is the best option if Windows 11 keeps crashing and problems aren’t solved.

Step 1 Start by opening your Settings App (Win + I).

Step 2: In the System settings, scroll to the bottom and choose Recovery.

Step 3: Click on Reset PC.

Step 4: Choose the one that is appropriate for you.

We hope that one of these solutions can resolve the issue or Windows 11 will stop crashing entirely. Tell us about it via the feedback section.

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