How to Tell If Your Plumbing System is Failing


Plumbing problems can arise many times throughout the year and the majority of them are simple to resolve. However, if you have a serious problem that develops quietly and unexpectedly, things can spiral out of control. Consider the consequences if your basement unexpectedly floods or a toilet becomes clogged. Fortunately, such issues provide warning indications before they worsen. You can notice them early and handle them before they become serious if you are watchful.

As a homeowner, determining whether your plumbing needs maintenance can be difficult because it is a system that is usually hidden from view. However, there are several distinctive symptoms that show your plumbing could fail. Many homeowners often wonder, “How do I know if I have a plumbing issue?” You don’t want to wait till the last moment to call a plumber when there’s water all around the floor. To avoid emergency situations, smart homeowners learn common signs of plumbing malfunction and resolve the issue before they become a major nuisance. Bad plumbing may rapidly turn into a nightmare, causing water damage in your house and expensive repair fees. So, let’s find out some major signs of a plumbing problem before it becomes a major issue.

Dripping Faucets

Every homeowner understands how inconvenient a dripping faucet is. While may seem annoying, you may not realize that it can be an indication of a more serious plumbing problem. If there’s a leak or drip, typically it signifies that the valve is faulty. Ignoring dripping faucets might cause your water bill to skyrocket. So, consider this a signal that it’s time to call a plumber.

Gurgling or Screeching Sounds

The plumbing system isn’t supposed to make noises. But when something goes wrong, you may hear a strange noise when you switch on a plumbing faucet in your home. A screeching sound often indicates that you have air in your pipes. When there’s air in your pipes, it usually means there’s a problem with your overall plumbing system. Any type of odd sound shouldn’t be ignored as it indicates an underlying problem. Get your plumbing checked by a trained plumber. Another sound that signals a serious problem is a gurgling noise when you run the shower, flush the toilet, or use the dishwasher.

Poor Water Pressure

When everything is in good condition, you experience a wonderful, continuous stream of water falling into you while you stand in the shower. But when there’s an issue, you’ll notice a faint, unpleasant stream. Poor or low water pressure is usually an indication of a plumbing problem. This issue may also arise due to other possibilities. But it’s better to get your plumbing system inspected by a skilled plumber to determine what is wrong. When there’s low water pressure for an extended period of time, it could be due to dirt buildup in the aerator. However, there could be more serious issues also, such as a water leak, an eroding waterline, or damaged pipes. Besides these issues, you could also notice dripping pipes, foul smells, or drainage problems. For all such problems, contact a plumbing service.


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