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India Star Alliance 4.5m Februarygatlanbleepingcomputer Hit By Cyberattack


Recently, Air Star Alliance was hit by a cybersecurity breach. Passenger and payment card data were stolen. The data included name, contact details, date of birth, and ticket information. The hackers are still under investigation, but no information on the attacker has been publicly released.

Data were stolen from air star alliance 4.5m traveler administration framework (TSF)

A recent data breach has exposed the personal data of passengers of a major airline. The incident involved a company called SITA, which supplies IT services to the airline industry. The company handles frequent flier data and ticket-processing data for major airlines worldwide. In addition, it provides IT services for airports, baggage and security, and aircraft connectivity and cockpit operations. The security breach was discovered on February 24, and the company notified affected SITA PSS customers and other organizations. Among the airline groups affected is Singapore Airlines, which shares data with other Star Alliance members.

The airlines said no passwords, financial information, or frequent flyer membership details were stolen. However, the breaches affected all members of the One World and Star Alliance alliances. The Lufthansa Group and Singapore Airlines were the most affected. Finnair said that data of 200,000 loyalty members may have been accessed. However, the airlines stressed that the breach did not pose a significant risk to members and only included basic information such as names and email addresses.

Stanford’s researchers obtained this data by collating airline-specific data from official websites and news releases. They sourced the data from reliable airline news websites, such as Flightglobal, air journal, and ch-aviation. They also retrieved the data from 2020.

Air India Star 4.5m Februarygatlanbleepingcomputer Pays Security Firm 4.5M Dollars to Secure Passenger Information

In early March, the world’s biggest airline coalition – the air star alliance – paid a security firm 4.5 million dollars to secure the information of its customers. The firm, SITA, told affected clients of the breach, which it says was a result of a cyberattack. The breach affected the Passenger Service System, or PSS, which is critical to the way carriers do their tasks. The company said it informed the PSS list of impacted customers in March, and it has made arrangements with affected clients to fix the problem.

The breach, which affected 45 lakh travelers, took three months to detect and thwart the hackers. The stolen information includes traveler details, credit card, and installment card details. However, the information does not contain any passwords or CVV/CVC card numbers. The network protection firm is investigating the breach, but there are no definite details about the assailant or his intentions.

The cyberattack affected the Star Alliance’s traveler administration framework. The programmer obtained individual details, including name, contact details, date of birth, and ticket data. In addition, the hackers accessed information stored at a UK airport, but did not steal credit card numbers or charge card information.

Hacker gained access to the system

A hacker managed to get into air star alliance’s 4.5m passenger service system and steal personal data, including names, contact details, and ticket information. The data did not include credit card numbers or account passwords, but it did contain sensitive information, such as dates of birth. It’s not known exactly who was behind the attack, but the security breach is still being investigated.

The world’s largest airline alliance, Air Star Alliance, paid a security firm 4.5 million dollars to protect the data. The company notified affected customers in early March. The data is believed to be around 150 gigabytes in size. If the hackers managed to get their hands on it, they may release it online.

Information stolen includes name, contact information, ticket information, and date of birth

The hackers were able to access information from more than five million victims of a recent hack. The information includes names, contact information, government IDs, and Social Security numbers. They also obtained financial account information, health information, and credit card information. This is the kind of data that can be used to commit fraud. The victims of this hack should keep an eye on their accounts to identify suspicious activity.

How Hacker Gained Access to Air Star Alliance 4.5m Passengers

In March, a cyber attack compromised the security of SITA, the organization that provides backup and IT services to the aviation industry. The breach affected several major airlines, including Air India. The airline notified its customers that it had been compromised and that its customers’ personal details were at risk. The hacking group gained access to credit card details and passport details.

The breach affected the airline’s passenger service system. Personal data such as the names and contact details of 4.5 million passengers was stolen. The hackers did not gain access to passwords, but they could have obtained other information. These included travel details such as tickets and frequent flier membership information.

Air Star Alliance 4.5m FAQs

The Star Alliance is a network of 28 airlines from across the world. It serves more than 14 million travelers every year and is one of the largest airline clubs. As part of its strategic focus, it is committed to delivering digital experiences that make flying easier and more enjoyable. The airline club also aims to attract millennial travelers who demand digital services and the ability to access real-time information on the Internet.

The alliance has launched a loyalty program called Miles & More, which lets its members earn points by flying with them. It is one of the few programs that has partnered with major transferable currencies, making it easy to top up your account through various programs. However, this loyalty program comes with its limitations. Some partner airlines have lower reward levels than others, and there are some other conditions that must be met.



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