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iPhone 12 Pro Max Tips and Tricks 2020

iphone 12 pro max tips and tricks 2020

In this article, we’ll cover Face ID, Night Mode, and LiDAR technology. You’ll also learn about the advanced features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Then, we’ll discuss how to make the most of them. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful.

Face ID

Face ID is a feature that lets your iPhone unlock without a passcode. It works by using a special camera to recognize your face. But certain sunglasses can interfere with the cameras used by Face ID. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Read on for some tips and tricks to make your iPhone’s Face ID work better!

First, make sure you are aware of which apps can access your camera, microphone, and other personal information. Apps that perform actions without your permission should be uninstalled. Another Face ID iPhone 12 Pro Max tip is to disable the automatic speaking feature in FaceTime. This can help prevent motion sickness while talking.

Another Face ID tip is to wear transparent glasses. This can help the camera to recognize your face more accurately. You should also be aware that masks can interfere with Face ID. If you are wearing a mask, you should turn off Face ID to prevent it from unlocking the device. You can also use the Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone using Face ID. In addition, you can temporarily disable Face ID by holding the volume and side buttons.

LiDAR technology

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature LiDAR technology. This technology allows iPhones to recognize objects in a room by bouncing light waves off different surfaces. It will only be available on the Pro model, however. To learn more about the LiDAR sensor, check out Halide’s detailed analysis.

LiDAR is similar to radar, but it is different. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro features a camera module that emits a beam of light that can measure objects with an accuracy of one centimeter. The accuracy and precision of the LiDAR sensor will decrease as the object becomes smaller.

The LiDAR sensor will help the iPhone 12 Pro Max take better photos in low-light conditions. The LiDAR sensor is located near the rear camera lens. This sensor will enhance portrait mode effects and help with low-light focusing.

Smart HDR

If you’re looking to take better photographs on your iPhone, you might want to learn how to use smart HDR on your device. It’s simple and can make your photos look better. Here are some smart HDR tips and tricks you should know. To get started, open up your Settings. Then, go to the Camera section and tap on Smart HDR.

Smart HDR works by blending photos in a series of exposures. This will create a higher-quality photo that has more detail and is not overexposed. This technology is built into the newer iPhone models, and it uses Apple’s A12 Bionic chip to adjust dynamic range.

Smart HDR is also useful for movies and videos. However, unless your iPhone is capable of HDR video recording, you won’t be able to view your videos in HDR. If you want to use HDR video with your iPhone, you’ll need to enable the feature in your camera settings.

Night Mode

iPhone’s new Night Mode lets you take photos during the night. This mode uses a series of shots taken in long exposures. Like a long exposure, the iPhone’s Night mode can be adjusted by moving the horizontal dial or tapping the yellow moon icon on the camera. This mode will take longer exposures, so you should hold your iPhone steady during the process.

The iPhone’s cameras will analyze the light in the area and choose a number of frames that are suitable for the photo. After selecting the right number of frames, the iPhone will compose an HDR image. This mode automatically adjusts the colors, reduces noise, and enhances details.

When the camera is in Night Mode, Live Photos and the flash will not work. You can turn these functions back on at any time. In addition, if you set the Flash to Auto, it will turn on automatically in low-light conditions. You can also turn it on manually by tapping the arrow or the Flash button beneath the viewfinder.


iPhone 12 Pro Max users should learn to use the new camera. The device has a new feature called “Quick Take” that lets users take short videos without changing camera modes. The feature can be turned on or off, depending on your preference. The new camera can also take beautiful HDR videos.

There are many features you can use with this new feature, which includes annotations, cropping, magnifying, and adding shapes. You can also enable scrolling screenshots. If you are using an iPhone 12, you will need to hold down the Side button and press the Power button at the same time. When you do this, an on-screen circle will appear. Pressing this circle will perform the desired action.

You can also take screenshots of any other display connected to your iPhone. You can even capture screenshots with external displays connected via CarPlay or HDMI. You can then mark up the screenshot and share it with others. This feature is one of the most basic smartphone functions, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye.


Getting the most out of your Wi-Fi network is easy when you follow a few tips. Wi-Fi is a vital part of your smartphone experience, and there are many different ways to configure it to your liking. In this article, we’ll explore a few of the most popular methods. Whether you’re using an older iPhone or an upgraded one, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize the speed of your connection.

The iPhone 12 supports both the mmWave and the sub-6GHz networks. The former is more prevalent, but is susceptible to interference, while the latter is faster and less crowded. Both types are available through AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone has both types of network options, so you’ll want to make sure you’re using the one that’s best for you.

The iPhone 12 family camera supports Smart HDR 3 and Deep Fusion, two technologies that balance various aspects of a scene. It also supports Night Mode Time Lapse, which allows for time-lapse photography at night. The two Pro models also support the RAW file format. These features will help you take better photos with your iPhone.

MagSafe charger

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the larger of two new pro-level phones in Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup. It has a glass and stainless-steel design with flat edges, an improved camera system, and larger sensors. The iPhone is also equipped with a MagSafe charger, which makes it easy to charge the device. This article contains helpful tips and tricks for using the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as information on the new device.

First, the iPhone needs to be plugged into the MagSafe charger. The iPhone must be placed with its back against the charging end of the cord. The MagSafe charger will not work if the device is placed upside down or in a magnetic case. If it’s an older model, you will need to manually align the iPhone and MagSafe charger. You may also want to avoid using a case that has magnetic materials since it may damage the charger’s MagSafe pad.

Another useful tip for iPhone 12 users is to use a protective case. There are several types of protective cases that fit snugly on the iPhone. Apple sells clear plastic, silicone, and leather cases for the iPhone 12, and OtterBox also sells a variety of MagSafe cases. Third-party manufacturers also make MagSafe compatible cases.

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