How Does IslamicFinder Work?


The journey of IslamicFinder started in 1996. Shortly thereafter, it achieved global recognition with the launch of the ATHAN app. This mobile application includes Al Quran, prayer times, Qibla Direction, real-time video streaming from Makkah, and prayer history. This app helps over 20 million Muslims navigate their daily lives. IslamicFinder’s ATHAN app is free and available on the App Store or Google Play. Here is how it works.


Muslim women are encouraged to practice Sujood during their daily prayers. This is the most appropriate time of the day to pray supplicantly and to make du’a. Sujood also promotes good blood circulation. It increases the return of the venes and prevents piles and hemorrhoids. This posture is the most appropriate way to show our gratitude to Allah SWT. Here are some ways to perform Sujood.

The state of Sujood is the most revered in the life of a Muslim. Those who perform Sujood enjoy closeness to Allah, attaining paradise, and being among true believers of Islam. Performing Sujood is the most common form of prostration in Islam. Islamicfinder has a wealth of resources to help you perform this act. Sujood is the best way to make a profound connection with Allah.


If you’re a Muslim living in the Sunset Beach area, California, you need to know the time of sunset and sunrise. This information is very important for your daily and weekly prayers. Observing the Islamic calendar will ensure that you get to prayer at the correct times and avoid missed prayers. The sun is about twelve to eighteen degrees below the horizon at sunset and sunrise. For more information about the time of sunset and sunrise, visit the Islamicfinder website.

Prayer calculation method

The islamicfinder prayer calculation method is one of the most popular options to figure out the right time to pray. This algorithm is based on the elapsed period between the Sun’s rise and its set time of sunset. The first half of this period is called night, and the second half is called “day break.” During times when the Sun rises earlier or sets later than expected, the prayer times for Fajr and Isha are assumed to be mid-night.

The twilight angle for Fajr is calculated from the a/60 twilight angle. The twilight angle for Isha is calculated from the first part of the night, and Fajr is calculated similarly. The Maghrib and Fajr prayer times can be adjusted to account for abnormal periods. The calculations for these times can be made in a variety of programming languages, so the twilight time for any prayer can be determined with the right formula.

The most common problem with using a prayer calculation method is a lack of local observation. In cities, it can be difficult to observe the sunrise and sunset, and the time for Fajr may be different than that of Maghrib or Isha. The twilight angle used to calculate the time for the other prayers is not compatible with the astronomical definitions of Fajr and ‘Isha. Fortunately, there are solutions to the problem!

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