John Cena – Bing Chilling Lyrics and Animated Video Meme


Among the many funny memes John Cena has brought to social media, his latest video – Bing Chilling has been the talk of the internet. It shows the famous wrestler speaking Mandarin while holding ice cream.

The Bing Chilling meme has gotten a lot of attention on TikTok. It is a viral video that has been parodied by users who altered the subtitles to make it appear as if John Cena was in trouble.

What is the meaning of Bing Chilling?

The Bing Chilling meme, or to be more specific, the John Cena – Bing Chilling Lyrics and Animated Video Meme, is an ice cream-related internet fad that has been catching fire since the wacky wrestler posted the original on the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo. The video features John Cena congratulating China for the best ice cream and repeating the phrase “bing chilling” to demonstrate his enthusiasm for the tasty treat.

The video is accompanied by a well-made animation and the resulting mashup has been going viral for over two years now. There’s even a popular web page that translates the lyrics into Mandarin and English, allowing people from across the world to enjoy the fun.

The most popular YouTubers have used the video as their inspiration for many clever videos. Some have made it into the ‘viral’ category and have gained millions of views, while others have been a mere click away from the big time. If you’re looking to join in on the fun, we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to get started.

The lyrics of Bing Chilling

John Cena, one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, has been making headlines for a while now. He has won numerous wrestling championships and is a successful actor and musician. He has also given birth to a number of viral internet memes, including Bing Chilling, which is all about him speaking Chinese while holding an ice cream.

On May 10th, 2021, John Cena posted a video to his Weibo account promoting his upcoming movie Fast and Furious 9. In the video, Cena can be seen riding in a car while eating ice cream. He is also seen singing into an ice cream cone as if it were a microphone.

The video quickly went viral on social media, and lots of YouTube parodies and remixes were made. This turned the video into an Internet meme, with a spike in popularity on TikTok in November 2022.

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The video of Bing Chilling

The video of Bing Chilling has gone viral on the internet, but what is it all about? Basically, it is a meme that is making people laugh. The video features John Cena singing into an ice cream cone and speaking Mandarin, which is what makes it such a funny meme.

As a professional wrestler, John Cena is well-known all over the world. He has won several championships and is also a successful Hollywood actor. However, the video of Bing Chilling has created a lot of controversy on social media.

It was uploaded to his Weibo account on May 10, 2021, and it was originally intended as a promotional video for Fast & Furious 9. The video has recently become popular again thanks to witty captions.

There are many fans who have found this video hilarious and have started to share it on their social media accounts. It has gained more than 32 million views on YouTube and is still going strong.

This video was made to promote Fast & Furious 9 and it has become a hot topic in China. The video is also controversial because Cena referred to Taiwan as a country rather than a city, which was considered unacceptable by some Chinese people. This led to a boycott of the movie by some people in China.

After the video went viral, it became a topic of debate on social media, with some people taking to Twitter to criticize it. It also received a lot of attention on TikTok, where it has been viewed over 1 billion times.

The Bing Chilling video is not the first time that John Cena has made a viral video. He has made other videos that have become famous, including the “You Can’t See Me” video and the “Fast and Furious” video.

As a result of his popularity, he has earned a reputation as a skilled wrestler and an excellent actor. This has helped him earn a great deal of money and popularity.

The Bing Chilling video was uploaded to his Weibo account and it was originally intended as a promotional film for Fast & Furious 9. It has become a hot topic in China due to the fact that Cena referred to Taiwan as a country’ instead of ‘a city’. This has led to a boycott of the movie by many people in China.

The popularity of Bing Chilling

The popularity of Bing Chilling has skyrocketed over the last few weeks, thanks to WWE legend John Cena. The famous star is known for his skills in both wrestling and acting, and he’s also been known to create a number of memes that have been popular on social media.

Among these, the Bing Chilling meme is one of the most popular ones. The video features Cena saying the phrase “bing chilling” while holding an ice cream. It’s been recreated in multiple videos that have resurfaced on various social platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

It was first published on May 10th, 2021, and quickly became a viral video that sparked international interest. The video was edited by overseas communities and made into parodies that mocked Cena’s Pro-China attitude.

This meme was originally a response to a controversial remark that John Cena had made during the promotional tour for Fast & Furious 9. The actor apologized and tried to soften the impact of his mistake, but the apology was still met with considerable anger by Chinese fans.

However, the internet soon caught on to this and began parodying the video, altering the subtitles and making it appear as if Cena was in danger. The viral video eventually caught the attention of YouTubers and has since become one of the most popular memes on the internet.

The witty captions are what have made this video so popular, as they are often funny and relatable to many people’s situations. Some users have even taken the video to Twitter (after they’ve stopped laughing) to share their reactions to it.

As the ice cream cone in the video moves around, it’s been speculated that the person behind the clip is John Cena himself. The popular athlete is reportedly an ice cream lover and has recently recreated this viral video on his TikTok account, wearing one of his signature suits while eating the dessert.

In the video, Cena speaks into the ice cream cone as though it were a microphone and sings into it. He explains that he likes ice cream and that he is “bing chilling.”

The popularity of the Bing Chilling meme has exploded over the last few weeks, with the video becoming an international hit. In addition to the viral video, the video has been recreated in multiple videos that have sparked comments from TikTok users.

John Cena-Bing Chilling Lyrics FAQs

The face of meme culture has broken the internet with his latest video-turned-meme, and it’s making everyone laugh. Professional wrestler John Cena recently posted a video of him speaking Mandarin while holding an ice cream, and the Internet went crazy over it.

John CENA-Bing Chilling LYRICS FAQs: What is the Meaning of This Meme?

The Bing Chilling meme got its name from a video that Cena posted on Weibo (China’s version of Instagram/Twitter) to promote Fast and Furious 9. In the video, he is seen speaking Chinese while holding an ice cream.

He uses the phrase “Bing Chilling” multiple times in the video, giving it its name. The original video is still popular, and people have added funny captions to it, making it go viral once again.

What Is the Script/Lyrics of the Video?

The lyrics of the Bing Chilling viral video are from a song called “Bing Chilling” that was created by the rapper/singer ‘Cena’. The song is about ice cream, and Cena speaks into the ice cream cone as if it were a microphone.

How Do I Pronounce This Meme?

The ‘Bing Chilling’ meme is popular on TikTok. It is a trend where people imitate the pronunciation of John Cena’s speech while speaking Chinese/Mandarin. Some users failed miserably while others had fluent pronunciations.

What Is the Script/Lyrics/Translation of the Video?

The Bing Chilling meme originated from a clip that John Cena posted on Weibo in 2021. It was a promotional video for the film Fast and Furious 9 where he was chatting in Chinese about his love for ice cream.

It was released after Cena referred to Taiwan as a country instead of a city during his promotional tour for F9. This caused outrage in China and action to boycott the film. He apologized for his mistake and later posted a video addressing the controversy. However, some China netizens were unimpressed and dissatisfied with the apology, writing that he was “invasive” and needed to publicly acknowledge that “Taiwan is part of China” before they would support the movie’s release.

What Is the Script/Lyrics/Translation from TikTok?

The ‘Bing Chilling’ viral video has been made into a song on TikTok. This song was released on May 11, 2021, and it’s lead by the WWE star John Cena.

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