A QVC Host’s Husband Dies


Longtime morning radio host on 106.9 FM, the Eagle, Lisa Mason died on Tuesday night from complications relating to her digestive system. He recalled that she was one of the sweetest people he knew and the life of the party. Stacey Stauffer, her husband of more than 10 years, was also a popular QVC host.

Is Lisa Robertson Married?

If you’ve been a fan of Lisa Robertson’s on Instagram, you may have wondered, is Lisa Robertson married? There has been no official confirmation of the news, but the actress is currently dating fitness guru Eric McGee. They were spotted on vacation together and shared pictures of their children. But, there’s a chance that the couple is planning to get married.

In addition to being a reality TV star, Lisa Robertson is also a passionate traveler. She has visited 22 countries around the world. While she was still in her early 20s, Robertson spent a lot of time traveling as a violinist with one of the country’s top youth symphonies. She also visited the Far East and Russia, where she performed before the fall of the Iron Curtain. She even went down under, for a trip to Australia.

After two years of dating, Lisa decided to get married. The two started dating in 2016, after which she was in the midst of her successful career. Lisa was doing well, and her husband was very supportive. But it didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. She had been plagued by rumors about her death, but they denied the reports. Lisa also gave interviews to popular publications and has continued to manage her brand.

While Lisa Robertson was working as a TV host for QVC, she was also a successful businesswoman. Her experience in the industry made her a fashion authority, and she pioneered new programs. She was also active in her community and even incorporated social networking sites into her line of clothing. During her time on QVC, her line was featured on Good Morning America and the Anderson Cooper Show. In addition, she was featured in numerous magazines, including The Big Idea and Main Line Today.

Antonella Nester’s husband dies of cancer

Antonella Nester is an American actress and mother of three. She was born in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Her parents immigrated to the US from Southern Italy when she was still a child. Her mother was a seamstress and barber. She has three children and is currently married to Chris Nester. In December 2020, she underwent surgery to remove a tumor in her arm. Although doctors initially thought that it was a dead cyst, a biopsy later revealed that it was a malignant lymphoma. She is 57 years old.

Antonella Nester shared her devastating personal experience with the QVC community. She and her husband were both struggling to make ends meet after they married. During that time, she had saved money to purchase a bracelet. While Chris on the other hand, his wife was trying to save money for a bracelet for her husband.

Chris had been in good health condition when Antonella was released from the hospital. He even accompanied her on her last round of chemotherapy. They had first met during their college days. Although she went through a difficult time, she continued to show her love for Chris by sharing the clip of her husband with her YouTube followers.

After Philip’s death, Antonella and her husband planned to retire to a yacht. They had previously announced plans to sell everything and move to the sea. They had previously worked hard to save money to buy the boat. They had three children together, one daughter and a son. The couple recently lost their daughter Hope to cancer.

Antonella’s resignation from QVC2

The news of Antonella Nester’s resignation from QVC2 is a big blow to the company. The QVC host was a hugely popular show host. Her resignation came a day after the announcement of her husband’s death. However, the loss of her husband is not the only factor in the decision. Other QVC hosts have also quit the company, including several presenters of jewelry and cosmetics lines.

In April, QVC announced that it was canceling Antonella’s show. She has since released an explanation for her decision. Her resignation was reportedly a result of a taped show that was being re-aired on QVC2. She announced that she was leaving the company to reunite with her husband on an island.

She has become famous for her outspoken internet reviews of various products. Her sound eating plan and workout regime have reportedly helped her lose four and a half stone. Her diet plan was dubbed ‘Do The Unthinkable. The show aired an updated version of the diet plan one year before her husband’s death.

A few days after the announcement, Antonella Nester resigned from QVC. She was only seven days away from the announcement when she decided to make the move. She also plans to live on an island with her husband. The couple has not been pregnant since 2014.

Shawn Killinger’s stalker attack

Shawn Killinger was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is a QVC host. Before joining QVC, she worked for CBS as a junior assistant on various shows, including Dan Rather’s Evening News, David Letterman’s Late Show, and 60 Minutes. She has two children from previous relationships.

Killinger was fired from her QVC show after just three episodes. The reason? Her controversial “fake it til you make it” philosophy. But her dismissal has only boosted her popularity. In addition to her QVC fame, she is also a mom of two young boys.

Lisa Robertson – TV Personality, Fashion Designer, and Home Decor Expert

Lisa Robertson started her fashion line, GILI, in 2012. The line featured handbags, jewelry, home decor, gift cards, and more. In 2014, Robertson was named Philadelphia Woman of Distinction, and her work has been featured in a number of publications. In addition, Lisa has been featured on television shows and has had numerous media appearances.

In addition to her famed fashion line, Lisa Robertson is also an expert on clutter, love life, and reusable shopping bags. You may recognize her from her recent work as a TV personality or local fashion retailer. You can even find her on Twitter as an advocate of eco-friendly products.

Robertson’s career as a TV personality has brought her fame and success. She has appeared on popular shows like Project Runway and Good Morning America. She has also remained active after leaving QVC. She has a relationship with fitness trainer Eric McGee, and she has also begun renovating a four-bedroom house in West Chester.

Lisa Robertson is an American television personality, fashion designer, and home decor designer. She was a presenter on the QVC home shopping network for 20 years. In addition to her role on the QVC show, she has also appeared on numerous syndicated television shows. She was born on 7 November 1965 in Collegedale, Tennessee.

The Death of a QVC Host Husband Dies

The death of a QVC host is a shock for the television industry. Lisa Robertson was married for 21 years before leaving the network in 2014. Her husband was a famous TV presenter who had a lot of influence over QVC. He later left the company and joined a rival network. His wife was a successful classical violinist who had performed at Carnegie Hall. She also loved to travel and shop. Her death is a sad loss for the QVC industry and her family.

Her husband was a stalker, but it wasn’t disclosed why he hounded her. QVC even ordered Lisa Ferreira not to mention him. After that, Peter was jailed for stalking Lisa for several years. However, he was released after serving time in prison. She and her husband are a couple that had planned to retire to a boat.

In mid-2020, QVC let go of Stacey Stauffer and Gabrielle Miller. Antonella Nester and Kristine Zell also departed. The last remaining QVC host is Shawn Killinger. She was fired from the show after the third week for saying “Fake it ’til you make it.” She also left QVC without receiving any compensation.

David Venable’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million, and his salary will probably only rise in the coming years. His wife Courtney Cason is currently expecting a child. She announced the news on her Instagram page.

Lisa Robertson – Former QVC Host

During the late 1990s, Lisa Robertson was one of the most popular hosts on QVC, but in December 2014, Lisa Robertson announced her departure. After 20 years with the company, Lisa decided to leave QVC in search of new career opportunities. While Lisa Robertson loved her work at QVC, she wanted to branch out on her own. She has since made many appearances on news shows and was even awarded the Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award.

She has also been involved in the fashion industry, with her clothing line and her personal fitness gym. While Lisa Robertson is no longer working at QVC, she is still busy with her clothing line. She is also dating her personal trainer, Eric McGee, who owns a gym in the same town as QVC’s headquarters.

She is a former Miss Tennessee and worked with the organization to create a drug-free state. She was also a QVC host and has a net worth of $ 5 million. She has also appeared on various shows such as Friday Night Live, PM Style, and Project Runway Allstars. She has also made guest appearances on reality shows.

Lisa Robertson is a former beauty queen who won the Miss Tennessee title at the 1989 Miss America pageant and went on to win the US Pearl Princess crown. After leaving QVC, she received several honors, including the Philadelphia Woman of Distinction award, which recognizes women who make significant contributions to the community. In addition, Robertson was included in a list of the most powerful women in Philadelphia.


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