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We all know the importance of technology in our lives. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or connectivity, we can’t go a day without it. And that includes our devices—from phones to tablets to laptops. So when it comes to technology, how do you decide which one to invest in? Do you go with the latest and greatest? Or do you stick with something more affordable and reliable? In this Magch Tablet review, we will explore whether or not this tablet is right for you. In addition, we will provide you with our unbiased opinion on its features and performance. So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something with more features, read on to find out more about this tablet.

Operating System on Magch tablet

The Magch tablet is a 6-inch Android tablet that retails for $149.99. The device comes with an 8GB storage capacity and a 1GHz quad-core processor. It also has a 5MP rear-facing camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. The battery life is estimated at 10 hours and the device supports 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS.

The Magch tablet is available in black or white color and includes a case, charger, and stylus pen. It runs on the Android OS v4.4 KitKat out of the box and includes the Google Play store preinstalled with over 1 million apps and games to choose from. Some features of the Magch tablet that make it stand out are its 8 GB internal storage, low price point, rear-facing 5MP camera, front-facing 2MP camera, long battery life (10 hours), Google Play preinstalled, expandable storage up to 128GB with microSD card slot, lightweight design at only 7 ounces, available in black or white color with soft rubber edges for extra protection against drops or impact damage and easy access to all ports & buttons including a headphone jack on the side.


The Magch Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet that comes with a lot of features and is one of the most affordable tablets on the market.

This tablet has an HD 1920 x 1200 display, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and a 2MP rear camera. It also has a 5MP front-facing camera. There are several ports on this tablet including a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB 2.0 port, and a microSD card reader.

This tablet is powered by an Octa-core MediaTek MT8176 processor which makes it one of the fastest tablets on the market. The battery life on this tablet is also very good at 10 hours or more.

Overall, we think that the Magch Tablet is a great option for people looking for an affordable Android tablet that has lots of features. If you are looking for something that can do more than just play games and look at pictures, then you should check out some of the other options available on the market. But if you just want an affordable way to surf the internet and watch movies, then the Magch Tablet might be perfect for you!

Display unit

Do you want a tablet that is light and easy to carry around, or do you want one that can do more than just offer basic entertainment? If your answer is the latter, then the Magch Tablet may be the right device for you! This tablet has a 10.1-inch screen and offers features such as multitasking, an sd card slot, a rear-view camera and even a stylus!

One thing to note before purchasing this tablet is that it runs on Android OS which can be a bit challenging at first. However, with some patience and help from online resources, you should be able to get up and running without any issues. The battery life on this device is also impressive – we were able to go almost 10 hours without needing to charge it. So whether you are looking for a tablet that can do more than just browse the internet and watch movies, or you simply need something lightweight to take with you wherever you go, the Magch Tablet may be the perfect option for you!


Magch Tablet Review

The Magch Tablet is a budget-friendly, 7-inch Android tablet that offers great value for the price. It has a built-in 3G and WiFi router, so you can access the internet anywhere you go. The display quality is good for the price and it has an impressive battery life.

Some potential downsides to consider are that it doesn’t have a rear-view camera or GPS, and it doesn’t come with a protective case or screen protector. Overall, we think the Magch Tablet is excellent value for the money and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable Android tablet.

Technical Specifications

Magch Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet with a quad-core processor and Mali 400 graphic processing unit. The device has 8GB of internal storage, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card. It also has a rear camera of 5MP, a front-facing camera of 2MP, and a battery that can last for up to 10 hours.

The Magch Tablet comes preloaded with Google Play Store, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube apps. You can also download other applications from the Google Play Store such as WhatsApp, Evernote, and Spotify. You can also use other Android apps such as Sketchbook Pro or Piano Tutor on this tablet.

One downside of this tablet is that it doesn’t have a headphone jack which may not be suitable for some users. There are also reports that the screen occasionally becomes unresponsive when using certain applications. But overall, the Magch Tablet is an affordable 7-inch Android tablet that offers good performance for its price range.

Camera and Speakers

The Magch Tablet is a 7-inch tablet that runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It has a 1280×800 resolution display, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The tablet also has a rear-mounted 8MP camera and a front-facing 0.3MP camera. There are three capacitive buttons at the bottom of the tablet: Home, Back, and Recents.

The Magch Tablet comes with a single speaker located on the top edge of the device. If you want to use headphones, there is an audio port located on the left side of the tablet. The battery capacity is estimated to be 3,000mAh and it supports Dual SIM cards.

Overall, we think that this is a good Android tablet for those who are looking for something affordable and lightweight. We would recommend it to people who need a basic device to use for browsing the internet, reading books, or watching videos.

Pros and Cons

Magch Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet that has a 1024 x 600 resolution display. It has a 1GHz processor and 2GB of internal storage. The battery life is around 10 hours and it can support up to 32GB of expandable storage.

The camera is decent for a tablet with only 5MP but the rear-facing camera can only record videos at 720p quality. There are also no front-facing cameras on this tablet which might be an issue for some people.

One great feature of Magch Tablet is that it comes with both wifi and 4G LTE connectivity options so you can use it anywhere there’s an internet connection. One downside to the tablet is that there’s no microSD card slot which might be an inconvenience for some users. Overall, Magch Tablet is a good Android tablet that offers good value for money.


What is the Magch Tablet?

The Magch Tablet is a 10-inch Android tablet that was released in 2017. It comes with a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. The tablet also has a rear-facing camera and an 8 MP front-facing camera.

Is the Magch Tablet right for me?

The Magch Tablet is perfect for someone who wants an affordable Android tablet that can do basic tasks such as internet browsing, watching videos, and reading textbooks. Overall, we think that it’s a great value for the price tag. However, if you want more features or want a bigger screen size then we suggest looking elsewhere.


If you are looking for a tablet that can help improve your productivity, the Magch Tablet is definitely worth considering. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, this device will help you get the most out of your workday. Additionally, its slim design makes it perfect for carrying around with you wherever you go. If all of this sounds like something that would be useful to you, then make sure to check out the Magch Tablet today!

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