Meijer confirms PS5 stock restocking coming soon — What you need to know


There is good news for gamers who are looking for PS5 stock. Meijer has notified us that it will soon launch the PS5 stock on the market. So, grab your opportunity to find a new HTML5.
It was firstly announced on the Meijer Twitter account. It says that PS5 consoles will be shortly available in the stores. However, the merchandisers have advised that the stock would be limited. If you want one console for yourself, you have to search for the stores which have announced the PS5 Meijer restock.

Meijer PS5 Restock:

The new price for the PS5 is $499 at Meijer. This console’s advanced feature is that it is a 4K UDH Blu-ray disc drive. Its design is fairly bigger than the digital versions. It also consists DualSense controller.

Furthermore, another version, the PS5 Digital version can be bought at the price of $399 at Meijer. It does not have a 4K UDH Blu-ray disc drive. It is lighter and thinner than the model which was its forerunner. It also comes with the PS5 DualSense controller.


Meijer claims that its new sale will be limited. They have not disclosed the number of consoles available in the market, however, it seems that the number of consoles will be slightly less. If you want to have one, you will have to do things fast. It is also said by Meijer that the stores which will sell the consoles will display the number of consoles available in their store. It would be a display sign.

Create a Meijer account:

The stock would be available only in-stores. However, to get all the updates and make things handy, you should create a account. It will also make you informed about their future stocks. Moreover, if Meijer announces the online sale, you would already have an account to buy it online. For that purpose, you must have your address, credit card information, and other details prepared.

You can quickly look for these stores to purchase PS5 Meijer:

Walmart PS5
PS5 Digital Edition
Newegg: PS5
Adorama PS5

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