Snapchat Photos not Opening: Problem Solved.


It can make you frustrated when your favorite app is not running quite well. Snapchat can be problematic. When it does not load the photos or stories, it becomes troublesome. If you are facing this issue, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have written all the solutions which can make your Snapchat account work properly. Let’s look at all the methods of solving this issue.

This article is divided into three parts.

1- What to do when Snapchat would not open snaps?
2- Why Snapchat photos are not opening?
3- How to fix this issue?

Part 1: What to do when Snapchat would not open snaps?

Sometimes the Snapchat app crashes. It is not evident what makes it go crash while loading photos. It often happens with Snapchat users. Usually, it can be solved by switching between Wifi and mobile data and then try reopening your app. However, sometimes the whole server is down and it is not running for you only. You must double-check if servers are not down. But, if the problem is happening, again and again, you do not have to worry. We have compiled the whole guide in this article for solving this problem.

Part 2: Why Snapchat photos are not opening?

Snapchat is the most famous app among teens nowadays. The conversations on this app can be made through texts, photos, freaky Snapchat stickers, and much more. One can also enjoy making snaps using various filters. It is mostly used by millennials.
The most amazing thing about Snapchat is that you can maintain streaks. It is an engaging activity. You can store all the photos and short videos sent by your friends in the app. The most famous feature of this app was that if you open a photo, it will disappear once you have seen it. Over time, the developers have added many other features too.
Truly, this is an amazing app. Through all these engaging activities, it has won the hearts of millions of its users. However, there are certain problems with it too. The several times the occurring problem is that sometimes the stories or photos are not loaded. The complaints about this problem often come. Also, during this problem camera crashes. Let’s understand this problem and tell you the methods to solve it. You can easily fix these problems by following the measures given in this article.

Firstly, check these things if the problem is happening to you.

1- Snapchat might have added an update that you might have not installed yet.
2- There is a high cache issue in your app.
3- You might have an uncertain network connection.
4- The app is down.

If all things mentioned above are clear and your app is still facing the issue, you need to follow the following steps.

Part 3: How to fix this issue?

Now, this part will deal with all the available methods to solve this problem.

Method 1: Restart your Cell phone

This is the most basic form of solving any problem. You can turn off your cell phone and turn it on. After, restarting your cell phone open your app. If the problem occurs again, reboot your cell phone. For android users and IOS users, the method of rebooting is different. Keep the track of rebooting your phones.
However, even if the problem occurs again once you have rebooted your phone. Follow the next method.

Method 2: Allow Your Snapchat Permissions

Sometimes, you forget to allow the required permissions. Those permissions swiftly run your app. It makes your app function quite properly. For Snapchat, these permissions are necessary to be allowed. These are phone, location, storage and some others. Even if one of these permissions is not allowed, the app will run properly and will flash certain problems. Go to your Snapchat settings and allow these permissions.
After that go and check if the problem is fixed. However, if the problem is not fixed yet, move to another method.

Method 3: Snapchat Cache clearing

When you use any app, certain media files are automatically downloaded to your cell phone. That certain data is called mobile cache. Snapchat, which is also a multimedia app, downloads certain media files which include videos as well as photos. When this certain data is malfunctioning, it becomes a cache error. Your Snapchat might not work properly because of this cache error. You must clear that cache after that you have to see if your Snapchat is facing problems or not. You can also clear cache data through mobile settings. Once you have cleared the cache and you see the problem has not gone then go to the next method.

Method 4: Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes, it is the slow or weak internet connection that makes apps lousy. Your Snapchat may not load the photos due to a weak internet connection. If you use the Wifi, check for the wifi router. Maybe it is the router that is causing the internet problems. Once you have checked all these internets problems and your app is still not working properly, you should try method 5.

Method 5: Check and Change Your Wifi DNS
DNS, abbreviated as Domain Name System, has a connection with your internet and it uses the IP address. Sometimes, it is a DNS problem that makes your app run slow and work less. Changing it can help you. This is the way for changing DNS. Go to settings, click on wifi settings, and change the wifi DNS there.

Method 6: Remold Your Friends on Snapchat
Furthermore, you can also fix this issue by removing and re-adding that particular friend.
Note: Removing a friend will cause you to lose all the data stored in that conversation.

Method 7: Clear Snapchat Conversation
Sometimes, this problem only happens in a single conversation. Try to delete the conversation with that particular friend.

Method 8: Delete and Re-Install or Update Snapchat

The final method through which you can fix this problem lies in re-installing or updating your Snapchat app. After doing this, your problem would be fixed. You can also learn here ATT Email Login

Final Remarks:

This article would be helpful for all the millennials who regularly use Snapchat. This article has given all the solutions for the most troublesome issue of this app. Share this article with your friends and tell them how to avoid the issue of not loading the photos or videos on Snapchat.


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