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The Evolution of Armoured Cars: From Military Vehicles to Civilian Protection



In the late 19th century, there was a need for armoured cars that could transport troops and protect them from enemy fire. While these were originally used in military situations and war, they have since evolved into an effective way to protect civilians from criminals as well.

The History of Armoured Cars

Armoured cars have been in use since the late 19th century. They were first used in the Boer War and later during World War I, where they were primarily used by the British and French armies. In 1911, an armoured car was used to transport King George V from Windsor Castle to London for his coronation ceremony.

Armoured vehicles were also used during the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule in 1916-1918; however, these vehicles did not see much action because of their limited range and speed compared with other types of military vehicles at that time (such as automobiles).

Armoured cars were also used by both sides during Spain’s Civil War from 1936-1939–with Nationalist forces using German Panzers based on their own design while Republicans relied mostly on British models such as those made by Vickers Ltd..

The Evolution of Armoured Vehicles

The armoured car was invented in France in 1904, and it’s been used for military purposes ever since. In fact, the first armoured car was actually manufactured by Panhard-Levassor–a French company that continues to produce vehicles today.

The British used armoured cars during the Boer War (1899-1902) and WWI (1914-1918). They proved their worth by providing protection from machine gun fire for troops on foot or horseback who were attempting to advance into enemy territory. The Germans also used their own version of these vehicles during this time period; however, they were called “tankettes” instead of armoured cars because they were smaller than a regular tank would be

From Military to Civilian Use

Armoured cars are used by civilians, but not as much as they were used in the past. They are still used for protection against attacks and also for transporting valuable cargo and personal protection.

You can own your own armoured car.

You can own your own armoured car.

Armoured cars are available to the public and come in many different varieties, from luxury vans to pickup trucks. The cost of an armoured car varies depending on what type of vehicle you want and what level of protection it offers. If you’re interested in owning a bulletproof or bomb-proof vehicle, there are companies that will build one for you from scratch–but be prepared to pay up!

Some people who own these vehicles use them as daily drivers while others use them for more specialized purposes like transporting valuables or protecting themselves against kidnappers.


The armoured car has evolved over the years from a military vehicle to a civilian protection tool. It’s important to note that these vehicles are not just for the rich and famous anymore, but anyone can own one. You just have to know where to look!



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