The Login Process of WPC2021


The World Pitmaster Cup (WPC) 2021 is an online cock fighting game. It is supervised by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and WPC. This online game broadcasts the matches live from derbies in the Philippines for the fans that are not able to attend the game matches during the fight. This game is banned in a few countries due to the several injuries of cocks. This game provides cash prices to the winners as well. It is practiced well in the Philippines because of the support of PAGCOR which claims it to be legal. The WPC has helped this game to reach the corners of the world.

Before proceeding to the login process, let’s have a look at its registration process.

The registration process of wpc2021

1st step: Open the browser on your pc or mobile phone.

2nd step: Go through the WPC2021 dashboard link

3rd step: Click on the signup button and you will be redirected to another page with a form.

4th step: Provide the required details.

Final step: Click on the sign-up button to register your account on WPC2021.

The login process of wpc2021

1st step: Includes your name, contact number, or social media profile.

2nd step: Justifies security with a password that helps you in securing your WPC2021 live dashboard login process.

3rd step: Includes verification where you will have to pass through the password verification through the contact number or an active email that you provided.

10 Rules for wpc2021 live

Rule:1 Plasada of 5% is paid to the owner of WPC2021 as subjected to Meron and Wala bets.

Rule:2 Plasada of 5% will not be detected from the bet points placed on Meron and Wala in the event of a draw result.

Rule:3 Betting is only valid if it is done through the betting console.

Rule:4 Wpc2021 reserves the right of excluding the players from betting without any notice or reason for exclusion.

Rule:5 No deduction will be made in the bets placed by the player on Meron and Wala in the event of a canceled fight.

Rule:6 A fight can be canceled under the following conditions:

> If the name of one or both protagonists has been displayed wrong.

> When the red tape has been placed on Wala/Blue side white tape is placed on Meron/Red sides.

> Meron is colored with white tape or Wala is colored with Red tape.

> One or both roosters is/are unfit to fight.

> Meron and Wala Payout is equal to or below 107.

> A Rooster’s knife is damaged or blunt.

> A Game cock is already scheduled or unwilling to fight due to any reason.

> Technical issue related to broadcast internet connection or sudden power outage.

> Referee sees signs that the rooster is unwilling to fight.

Rule:6 The announced winner by the referee is final.

Rule:7 If the betting is reset then all the bets that have been placed will be returned to the player’s current points.

Rule:8 The betting period will be a minimum of two to three minutes.

Rule:9 No cancelation of bets will be considered after the bet is posted.

Rule:10 The minimum bet limit per player on Meron and Wala is 100 points per place of bet and can also be maximized up to 1million points. 

Issues with WPC2021

Incomplete details to the control panel

The Dashboard of WPC 2021 has login issues that have been troubling the users because the control panel is not prepared always to handle the login. WPC has a free and paid version as well. The users may prefer Approx. for the best free apps. The users should steer clear of Android apps. A user must create a Microsoft account before logging into WPC2021.

Many of the users have complained about tracking the score on the instrument board during matches. This is because WPC2021 needs a Microsoft account to access the dashboard. Users have been already using Microsoft accounts for Office, Skype, Outlook, and other several Microsoft sites. Users are asked to enter a Microsoft account password while logging in when they first access the dashboard. So, all the users should remember these things while logging in.

Portal connectivity issues

The users of the WPC2021 should create an account and complete the live session form to watch the live matches and for streaming them on the site. The WPC shares the events and fights details with its users on its Facebook page so that the users can follow the action of the live dashboard. If you are facing trouble in connecting with the server then try to log in with your username and password or try logging outside the portal. This problem occurs due to an internet connection.


The cock fighting fans can simply take part in betting and fighting by registering, signing, and adding a Microsoft account. The WPC2021 users have been enjoying the game while the WPC team is engaged in resolving the different issues related to the site. So, the users and the team will hope to make it a worldwide played game.

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