The Thonet Style Chair

The Thonet Style Chair

The Thonet style chair was first introduced to the market by a German designer named Michael Thonet in the mid-eighteen hundreds. He began producing these chairs in different countries and was able to manufacture two million chairs in a single year. It has since become a popular choice for modern-day homes.

Gebruder Thonet style chair

The Gebruder Thonet style chair has a long history. Invented by Gebruder Thonet in 1851, this chair was the first of its kind and was an instant hit, selling over 50 million pieces worldwide. Gebruder Thonet was a successful family business, which was closely controlled by his sons. The family understood the concept of mass production and began exhibiting their work at international fairs. Soon they were exporting their furniture to countries such as the United States and South America, and their firm had a global reputation. By 1853, they had opened their own factories in Moravia and Hungary, and they also had salons in New York City. By the 1870s, their company was producing up to 400,000 pieces annually, and they had franchised throughout Europe. In addition to this, their sons also began establishing their own factories in

The Gebruder Thonet style chair has a rich history of design. In the 1800s, the company focused on bent wood, but in the 1930s it focused on the Art Deco and Jugendstil styles. The company produced classic pieces, such as the Rocking Chair No. 1 and the No. 247 Postal Savings Bank Chair, but they were also influenced by the Modern Movement.

The Gebruder Thonet style chair dates from the nineteenth century. Thonet, an Austrian architect, was also involved in the design of the Neorococo interiors of the Liechtenstein Palace. The company was founded in Korycany, Moravia, and Thonet’s bentwood process was brought to this area.

The Solden chair is another example of a Gebruder Thonet-style chair. Its large square seat, woven cane backrest, and bentwood frame ensure maximum comfort. A classic, yet contemporary design, the Solden chair is a great choice for refined contract projects. In addition to its classic qualities, it features a contemporary personality and a classic spirit.

Born in 1796, Michael Thonet was a master cabinet maker for the first 30 years of his life. After marrying, he opened a one-man cabinet shop. While he continued to create cabinetry and furniture, he began experimenting with bending wood. His first chair, the Boppard Layerwood Chair, was an instant success, but he was unsuccessful in getting a patent for his chair technology from several countries.

No 1 chair

The No 1 Thonet style chair has sinuous lines and was designed by Michael Thonet around 1850. This chair complements both classic and contemporary dining rooms and entranceways. The wooden seat and backrest are curved for a slender, comfortable feel. Its clean lines and subtle curves give it a modern feel.

The Thonet company began making furniture in 1819. Its founder, Michael Thonet, invented the process of bending wood sticks. In 1841, the Chancellor of Vienna discovered Thonet’s work and encouraged him to move to Vienna. The company later went on to furnish the Schwarzenberg and Liechtenstein palaces. Its success led to its name change to Gebruder Thonet in 1853.

After the company’s success in designing furniture, the company decided to produce limited edition rocking chairs. The Collect series replicated the famous No. 1 rocking chair. They used original tools and techniques to make the chair. The Rocking Chair No. 1 is a classic Thonet style chair and is available in stained beechwood, black, hazelnut, or mahogany. The rocker also features solid casework. Its design is reminiscent of the traditional bentwood furniture made by Thonet.

Gebruder Thonet’s revolutionary designs inspired the work of many designers. His process led to the creation of elegant, lightweight, curvilinear forms that presaged the streamlined forms of modernism. By 1871, the Thonet company had branches in many major European cities. Today, the company is called Thonet GmbH and is headquartered in Frankenberg, Germany.

The Gebruder Thonet workshop was first established in 1849. The company expanded to include a rocking chair. Its production of bentwood rocking chairs received a bronze medal at the 1851 World’s Fair in London. In 1856, the company moved to Korycany, Moravia where the bentwood process could be developed more efficiently.

Risom lounge chair

The Risom lounge chair was designed by Jens Risom for Knoll in 1942 and has been manufactured in the United States ever since. Its natural materials and clean, geometric shape typify the Scandinavian design tradition. This chair is comfortable and adaptable to any furnishing style and can look equally at home in the living room or bedroom, as well as in a waiting room or office.

Risom met the furniture maker Hans Knoll in the late 1930s when he was working as an interior designer in New York. The two began to collaborate and developed a line of furniture together. The Knoll and Risom lounge chair was one of the first designs produced by the pair. The distinctive birch frame and sub-military-grade parachute straps gave the chair its signature look. However, Risom’s ideas clashed with those of his wife, Florence Knoll, who had been trained in the Bauhaus method.

Gebruder Thonet’s designs were admired by people around the world, and many pieces were acquired by museum collections. The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and the Musee d’Orsay in Vienna were all home to Thonet pieces. The firm eventually split into two different companies, Gebruder Thonet KG, which is based in Vienna, Austria.

Risom is best known for the Risom lounge chair. The chair features a distinctive mid-century form, with a sturdy, foldable design. Risom’s design philosophy was based on versatility. His timeless pieces will last for generations and are sure to become a prized possession.

In addition to the Risom lounge chair, a variety of Thonet-style chairs were made. Among the most famous pieces are the No. 14 cafe chair and the Risom lounge chair. Both of these chairs were produced by Thonet’s bentwood factory and are a tribute to the genius of the Danish designer.

This Thonet-style chair is very popular and has become a classic in the living room. The design of the Risom lounge chair is classic Scandinavian. In fact, the iconic chair is still made in Denmark today by the Danish manufacturer Onecollection. The Risom lounge chair is a Thonet-style chair that ties together comfort and graceful modernity. It also features button tufting.

Thonet Style Chair Pros and Cons

The Thonet Style Chair comes in a wide variety of styles. They can be made from wood, metal, or fabric. They are generally considered a part of the mid-century modern style. The design of these chairs has a sleek, organic look and is comfortable for people of all ages. They also come in a small, compact size.

In the late 1800s, Thonet Brothers Manufacturers began manufacturing Bentwood rocking chairs in Vienna. This style was one of the first mass-produced pieces of furniture. Traditionally, the seats of these chairs were made of woven cane to allow water to drain. However, newer reproductions have wood seats. The original bentwood design has a graceful shape and the smaller profile makes it suitable for smaller rooms. After the company’s success in designing furniture, the company decided to produce limited edition rocking chairs.

The Thonet Style Chair has a distinct label on the underside of the seat. Most Thonet chairs have rush or canned seats, bentwood supports, and gently curved styles. These chairs are highly desirable and can command a high price. Thonet chairs are expensive, and complete sets can sell for thousands of dollars.

Although Michael Thonet was unable to patent his chair technology, he was able to use hot steam to bend wooden slats into chairs. This allowed him to create a wide range of unique designs. However, it was not until 1837 that he acquired a glue factory to manufacture them. This made it possible for Thonet to make lighter-weight chairs.

Thonet Style Chair FAQs

Thonet style chairs were first manufactured in 1819 by the Gebruder Thonet company, which is still in business today. The company is based in Frankenberg, Germany. Thonet is best known for its bentwood wicker designs. The bentwood rocker first appeared in 1860, and the company has continued to produce this type of chair for decades. In fact, it is possible to date a rocker by looking at the style and materials used to create it.

The Thonet style chair’s shape came from the use of strong wood and hot steam, which gave it a beautiful and unique appearance. It was designed to be comfortable and durable, and it set a precedent for bentwood chairs in the future. In addition, it was made of a single, compact box, which cut down on shipping costs.

A Thonet style chair has a distinctive label on the underside of the seat. Most of them have rush or cane seats and are supported by bent wood. The curved seat is a common feature of Thonet-style chairs. A famous example of this is the Thonet “No 14” chair, also known as a Vienna chair or a Qitay chair. It is the quintessential coffee house chair and has been in continuous production for over a century.

A Thonet style chair is an excellent choice for any home or office. Its modern, comfortable shape is great for relaxing after a long day. It is easy to clean, and if you maintain it properly, it will last a lifetime. With its many benefits, a Thonet style chair is a good investment for your home or office.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary chair for your office or an antique classic, a Thonet-style chair is a fantastic choice. The company was founded by Austrian architect Gebruder Thonet in 1849. He continued to improve his designs and improved them, earning a bronze medal in the 1851 World’s Fair in London.

Bentwood chairs can be made from a variety of wood, but the best options for this process are beech and ash. Harder woods may crack or split under the heat of the bentwood process. Today, you can find millions of these chairs in homes and businesses.

If you are interested in purchasing a Thonet Style Chair, you may want to read more about the designer. He was born in 1796 and devoted himself to designing furniture with simple design. His first success came with the Boppard Layerwood Chair, but he failed to get a patent for his chair design from several countries.


The Thonet Style Chair is a classic, handcrafted chair from the 1800s. This model features classic wood grain and texture. It was created by steaming thin strips of beechwood into a perfect shape. Its design is considered to be timeless. Its history is also extensive. Unlike most chairs, it is easy to buy a Thonet chair for your home.

Known as the “Thonet Chair,” these chairs are usually marked with a label on the seat. They usually feature rush or canned seats, bentwood support, and gently curved styles. Designed for high-end homes, the Thonet Style Chair has a rich, historical background. The designer met Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich at the Koblenz Fair in 1841, and afterward became a major source of high style in the region. The prince’s patronage helped Thonet to introduce his furniture to the imperial court in Vienna.

Michael Thonet, a poor cabinet maker from Boppard, Prussia, experimented with making furniture using bent wood in the 1830s. This was easier and more efficient than carving out individual pieces of wood. He also had the idea of using hot steam to bend wood, which gave rise to the renowned Boppard loop legs that are now a hallmark of Thonet chairs.

The Thonet style chair was so successful that Thonet had branches all over Europe to sell the chairs. The chairs were shipped knocked down or unassembled, and in 1875 the company was producing 620,000 chairs. After the patents for the Thonet chair expired, competitors set up factories that copied the designs. Their chief rivals were Jacob and Josef Kohn in Vienna.

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