What to Look for in a Plumbing Company Before and After Hiring


Waking up in the morning with a flooded kitchen or an overflowing water heater doesn’t feel good. Most people make the quick decision to call a plumber as soon as possible in a panic to find a quick solution to their problem. Calling the plumbing company before doing your research can be a costly disaster. Knowing some basic requirements and recommendations that a plumber should provide and fulfill is the beginning of finding quality plumbing work and satisfying customer service.

1) Most importantly, make sure you are licensed and insured.

Disasters can happen when Plumbing Company Toronto service your home. More work will be needed if the plumber makes a mistake and causes a bigger problem that damages the ceiling and floor that the plumber doesn’t repair. Plumbers are insured, so you have to pay another company to do the repairs.

2) Check reviews online at Better Business Bureau or Angies List.

Reviews mean a lot in directories like the BBB or Angies listings that only show actual reviews and ratings. There are many review sites out there that mark everything anyone posts without checking if it’s solvable. BBB and Angies List work hard to provide users with honest reviews and ratings from previous customers. Listing information gives you an honest look at real companies that can potentially service your plumbing problems. If you have any bad reviews or problems that the plumber couldn’t fix, check out other companies as they may add a bad review next time.

3) How does a plumber answer your questions by phone or email?

When you ask an expert about a plumbing problem, the expert should know the answer from experience in the field. Over time, plumbers develop skills and experience that can be applied to any job. If they don’t ask about the problem or seem willing to help or give you pricing, how to fix the problem yourself, find another company. Surprisingly, this is a common problem that many people deal with in young companies that are still learning customer relations, or in poor companies that pay little attention to their services and shouldn’t be dealing with them.

4) Is the plumber polite when entering the house?

An honest company will tell you what a plumber’s uniform looks like if you have background checks, licenses, insurance, and qualifications. Allowing people you don’t know into your home is a safety concern for you and your family. It is important to know that you are safe and qualified to do the job without any previous incidents. If they seem rude about your belongings or have a plumbing problem, just ask them to leave. Before hiring, make sure you know the price they charge to display on your home. Some plumbers charge as little as $60 to show up.

5) Does your plumber recommend another solution?

Does your plumber tell you about coupons that offer lower prices, member discounts, or offers to save you money from current or future plumbing problems? Do they leave you with a business card, service report, or at least a phone number where you can reach them when they’re done? Many reputable companies will want you to always remember who serviced your home. Keeping the information they provide will allow you to know exactly what services have been provided in the past to pinpoint new problems when you call later. If plumbers don’t do these things, they won’t be motivated to become professionals.


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